Sunday, August 31, 2008

Its Midsession season again. Life is kinda busy now. =(
But I went to Shana's birthday party last Friday =)

Went to Shell harbour Warilla's Bowling Club..
Its quite far away, need 30 minutes there by train.
Luckily Fran went with me,so that we keep each other accompanied =)

Waiting for the train..I love the Maquillage eyeshadow!!

Finally all ex-colleagues in Towradgi meet up again~
Joanna, Susan, Me, Ming, Fran

Can We bring the ballons home?? =P

Me and Susan with our fruits~

And finally the Birthday girl, Shana

We are the 160cm ... ... ...

and single club!!!

JO& Fran~

The Camwhore babes
Dunno when can we meet up again =(

Well it was an awesome night, chatted like we used to during working, updating each others news. Love you all~!

Have 3 midsessions this week >.<"
Physio and Chem on Thursday, Stats online test due Saturday, and it's Timed! so shits..
have to do revision before attempting...
Alison is leaving soon, gotta hang out with her more..
can;t wait to go to Sydney again, for yumm food!
looking forward for Harbour Cruise again..

Yeah!! Life's gonna be fantastic after mid sessions~!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Slacky Life

I overslept this morning!
Was suppose to wake up at 9 but i woke up at 10.21, and my class is at 10.30!
The reason is.... I FORGOT TO SET MY ALARM! =.="
missed the 10.05 bus so i rushed and hurried for the 10.40 bus..
Luckily i got on to it and went to lecture a little bit late.
I repeat, A LITTLE BIT.

After that 2 hours of lecture of virus, pathogen, bacteria bla bla bla~
Went to have lunch with Kai, Kozue and Michelle.
We laughed so much today. Talked so much. CHAOS.
Kai took out her camera and we started camwhoring.
Freakssss......Planned to go to the library for that 2 hour, but Kai and Kozue said they wanted to wait for Aya to finish lecture and have lunch, so we waited.
Went to the next table to chit chat with slifix, Sally and Tracy.
Suddenly coughed so much till I couldn't even speak!
Ran to get some soothing candies.

taken today in Bamboo.
for those who have no idea how long my hair is now.

Finally me and Tracy decided to go to the library, so off we went to get her a coffee and sat outside the library since she wanted to finish it before she goes in.
Chit chatted again. Then Shin came out from the library and she said nobody is having lunch with her. So I went back to Bamboo again and accompanied her until my class.


Haha. Really slacky.
Well I did went to the library for a little bit of study during the next 1 hour break.
Really SO little that I couldnt even remember what I have studied.
Did pretty well for the physio quiz today. =D

Came home and have my beloved porridge again.

My leftover porridge since Sunday
and the "tao eu bak" that i cooked.

Struggled for my STAT252 assignment.
I haven't been turning up for stat lecture since week 2.
I was like 4 weeks behind. And never do self study.
That's why!Don't know how to do!
Can't blame me, the lecturer sucks. Ask my class, who goes to Stat lecture?
Probability of answering NO should be higher than 50%.
My Assumption =P

Anyways gotta go to library and study hard tommorow.
Work hard for BIOL midsession!
Its on Thursday and I am only starting to do revision tommorow =.="
Jo the Slacker.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Big smile =D opps, this should be laugh.. should be =)

Suprisingly felt quite happy today (???)
Got up this morning and had alex's birthday cake for breakfast.
Went to uni at 9.05 and came back at 5.40.
What a long day!and the reason i feel happy is because i received compliments?
You will never know how much your compliments meant to somebody.
so praise more, criticize less.

Some frustrating stuff happens too. I went to EverywhereInternet (EI) cafe in uni wanted to get online, and who knows i changed 3 PCs and none of them are working! GRRR...
made me looked like an idiot shifting here and there!!! And there is this guy sitting beside me laughed suddenly, and couldn't stop..wonder what's so interesting about the forum he is viewing. Maybe it's fate for me not to get online, so I went to library to study. Sat somewhere near the stairs. There are 2 idiots chatting at the stairways! Their conversation echoed and everybody can hear it. IT'S SUPER ANNOYING! Some people started to pack their stuff and moved somewhere else, some people kept looking at the stairway with those pissed off face and yet, nobody dare to walk up there and ask them to shut up.

I was struggling whether i should go over and ask them to move somewhere else to chat or not..
Actually why should I struggle? Its their fault, not mine. But it just takes courage to walk up to some strangers and ask them to shut up (of course in a polite manner). This continued for like 5-10 minutes. LOL I know it's a bit too long. Before I made my decision, their super annoying conversation finished and one of them walked in. I was trying hard to use my most pissed off face to stare at her. But too bad she seemed to not realized that. Hah! Continued to study. Covered 2 lectures of Biology, DNA and Genetics. Wonder if they would give us the codon for the DNA and amino acids translation, I AM NOT GOING TO MEMORIZE ALL THOSE! like GCT,GCC,GCA,GCG = Alanine (and 19 more) @.@ so the lecturer better give us a copy of those during midsession test!

I was sick since Friday night (those feel like I am dying moments)
Was getting better now, just a little bit of coughing here and there and minor sore throat.
don't feel like cooking, decided to eat the congee i cooked yesterday..
Hee, brilliant me cooked a big pot =P
But its PLAIN Congee...So i invented my own way of eating it!!

The secret recipe is .................................................

plain congee + miso paste

Quite yumm though. It just taste like the congee my granny used to cooked for babies,
suddenly back to my childhood days!!!I miss popo too!!It has been a while seen i called her...I shall call tommorow!! actually i missed congee with Marmite!Bovril's!!! craved for that for years but mum said it's for babies so i haven't got to eat it for ages!!
Decided to eat congee again tommorow..Yeeppiiieee~
I miss mummy's 皮蛋瘦肉粥!

My super yumm dinner~

At last I did some study today!
Finished my chem assignment and chem tutes~
Have 1 quiz, 2 assignments due, 1 midsession test this week!
and Shana's Bday Party this friday.
and 2 more midsession and quiz next week!
I wished i could just eat up all the books and digest them..Weeee...

OK gotta turn in now..
My back hurts again. My spine hurts all the time, it has been a while.
I should go to chiropractic when I go back to Malaysia. Starting to miss the chiropractic already. It feels so good after each treatment!!!

Good night~ Sweet dreams jo, no more killing nightmares and got rob dreams please!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Malam Gema Merdeka!

Date : 23rd August 2008
Venue : UNSW, Sydney

Off we go, me, shin, ivan and alex to UNSW for MGM.
super excited!its the first time we go~! (me n shin)
almost forgot its National Day in Msia soon..
Makes me miss home more and more and more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its a celebration for 31 August and students from NSW area can participate~
5 universities @ NSW! (USyd, Macquarie U, UNSW, UTS and UOW!)
Malaysians everywhere, which makes me feel like home..~
I wana wear Baju kurung nextime!

And the food ---> MALAYSIAN CUISINE!!
although not as nice as Malaysia but its enough~!!!
and not much choice tho~

My big plate of dinner :
Nasi Beryani , Ayam Masak Merah, Kari Lembu??, Something kambing,
Popiah!!, Azat, Passembor?, and finally the main character,
OMIGOSH i wana go back home and enjoy all the yumm food!

look at our almost empty plate!!

After dinner we walked to the science centre of UNSW to enjoy the show.
The theme this year is "spirit" (semangat?).
The show is a play, they act about a Malaysian student which tried to westernised Malaysia,and do not appreciate history and culture. But finally he realised how important culture and history is. Its quite nice~!!!

At the entrance~

Waiting for the show to start! we just sit behind the VIPs.
bought Gold tix~

Camwhore with Jalur Gemilang~!

Look at the guy behind!!
trying to fit in the photo!LOL
i was suprised when i viewed back..haha

Great Job everyone~ Hurray!
We sang Tanggal 31.
But too bad i just can sing the 1st few lines..haha..
and shout MERDEKA! LOL

Before leaving UNSW

Its a great night! The patriotism spirit burned inside my heart! LOL
Happy 51st birthday Malaysia~!!
I am proud to be a Malaysian. Keranamu Malaysia~!
Saya mau balik rumah!!!

MGM official Website

Friday, August 22, 2008

Follow up for the weird news

Got to know some news of this weird guy from a HK mag.

Lets call him Mr.X.

Mr.X seems to forget about his pain when he was seen buying AV after the "having sex with a steel bench" incident. Some paparazzi tailed him and discovered that he loves to shop in AV shops in HK. They even found out what he bought!
They said Mr.X has special taste for AV, he seemed to be not interested in normal AV, and all those AV that he picked were SM AVs. They even mentioned that he finally bought 3 AVs (even mentioned the names) for HKD93 after choosing here and there!
(applause to HK paparazzies)

Mr.X was seen in an AV shop.

He had became so famous that everyone started to give him some "nice" nicknames

Mr X. finally confessed the truth about that incident during an interview with the reporters. He said "Sigh.Don't take me as a pervert. Actually I was brought to the park by 3 Ah Longs (貴 利 佬), they force me to pay back my debts, and fed me a few viagra, that's why ... "

Blood stains were seen on his shirt when he left the hospital

The poor steel bench which was being raped by Mr X was certified to have 1 inch diameter holes on it, which is almost the same size as a 1 HKdollar coin. The government said they might consider to sue Mr X under the inappropriate use of public ammenities which causes loss rule.
They said this steel bench was being imported from US and each of them costs HKD14800+ (RM 7000+). Mr X was really worried when the reporters mention about this as he still has tonnes of debt to pay off.

Haha, this is some translation from the article in the magazine ...

This Mr X is really crazy. I think i should seriously beware of the public benches with holes nextime, who knows whether it is still a virgin or not? LOL

Monday, August 18, 2008

Weird News

A man almost lost his penis because of having sex with a steel bench... =_=
This guy from Hong Kong is really crazy....why on earth he is having sex with a steel bench in the public? and the most embarassing thing is he got stuck and had to call for the police!!
and come on look at the hole of the bench, isn't it a bit too weird to stick his penis in?
my friend said the hole is too small!!haha....

he was stuck there and they tried to pull him out, which is a really challenging job for the doctors.
they finally had to bring the whole bench back to the hospital,
and after 4 hours of rescuing he got his little brother back..
the doctor said if it was to be 1 hour late, they would have to cut his little brother off!
its a real crazy news....

and here he go, famous appearing on TV news and internet...

(Link for video)

Came across this article from the link above, the

watched Olympic men's single,
Lee Chong wei vs. Lin Dan..
didnt watch the whole thing, just the second round..
Lin Dan won the game, felt dissapointed..
however, i will still be proud of u LCW,
as what the commentator said, LCW is the best badminton player of Msia ever..

This makes me realise something...
He wasn't the champion from the first day he was born..
he must have gone through lotsa obstacles, hard times to be who he is today..

"the wall is to show you how badly you want a thing" by Dr Randy Pausch from "the last lecture"
wall=obstacles in this context.
who never came across obstacles?
and when you encounter obstacles, what you do?
hide? face it? overcome it? or do nothing?

and when you do something,
do you actually think, how worth is it to do that thing?
is it a must to do? is that what you want to do?

I did something ridiculous today,something that i never expect myself to do..
and of course I didnt get the expected result i wanted to...
its just a minor part of life..the bonus of life...
is not essential, bonus makes your life a little bit better,
but without it you will still survive...
so maybe i should not hold on to it too much?
i have more important stuff to do!

i slacked over the weekend,
watched "溏心风暴之家好月圆"
12 episodes in a day....end up didnt do what i planned..
STUDY?where is the STUDY part?
regretted wasting my time...
but the drama is nice...i cried almost every episode... =.="
family...the love and bond among the family, the brothers and sisters really touched my heart..

well, its time to just let things go the way it should be..
things should happen naturally,maybe i shouldnt demand...
since i don't really know what i want...
the only thing i m sure i want is GOOD RESULTS...
i should just work hard on time to think of other stuff...


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

dinner @ caleb's

Went over to Caleb and Shuichi's place on Monday...
havent seen them for quite some time already...
miss the moments when we worked together!!!
Sarah came over and cooked...She is currently studying hospitality in TAFE..
didn't get the photos of dishes from Shu, so couldn't post it...

They are all lovely people...
but so sad we cant work together anymore since towradgi closed...

Fran - Sarah - Jo

the power of SLR...


I am seriously busy these few days,
working hard for my STAT252 assignment...
I had my draft finally...
Its my 1st assignment for stats, using JMP programme to make graphs and tables,
then write a statistical report...
It weighs 6%, but i put quite a lot of effort in it,
that always happen for the 1st assignment!haha..

and i submitted my 1st attempt for my Chemistry online quiz,
will try to do the 2nd attempt if I have time...
I have to have time don't I?
Its the 2nd session of 1st year,
I should study HARD HARD HARDER than last session..

seriously i did not work hard enough last session,
too much distraction =sigh=
so now, nothing shall distract me from studies anymore..

Suddenly so motivated??
Well..i am a little bit dissapointed with my results last session now..
I am not dissapointed when i got it...but after 2 months i am regretting it!
i should have done better!way more better!!!
I just got 3 Ds out of 4 subjects...
OK Well i did not fail BIOL which i thought i would..
BUT i did not meet my goals!my targets!
I want to be in Dean Merit list! Top 5%!
* Dean merit list simply means if u are the top 5% of students in that faculty..
which means there will be like thousand over competitors..all doing different course..
so does it mean that if you do an easier course you get into the Dean List easier? comment...

Set your goals high enough to inspire you and low enough to encourage you.

My Goals this session :
at least 2 HD.....
but the subjects this session are much more harder... =( sobz

all the subjects require more reading than last session..
and the pace is so fast, the lecturer couldnt cover so many topics in such a short time..
so...self study is essential!
so i will be freaking busy this sem
assignments, quizzes, online quizzes, prelabs, selfstudy, working etc etc
plus entertainments like drinking, mahjong-ing =P
JIA YOU JIA YOU....!!!!!

I wish I were a nerd that studies too much

"Every worthwhile accomplishment, big or little, has its stages of drudgery and triumph; a beginning, a struggle and a victory." Ghandi

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Woke up around 11+
went to library around 2 and studied 1 chapter of stats...
finally have some concept about how to do my assignment...
Assignments are killing me!and there will be so many things and parties to do this week!
2 assignments due, having luch with my ex co-workers in Towradgi on Monday, Liz's birthday party on Thursday and probably Ryo's birthday party on weekend..
So much to do, so little time!!

I drove to uni today~!
2nd time to drive there and drove Shin, Lydia, and Shaf back to mayo's..
i finally drove out of Fairy Meadow! luckily i knew the road...
and got back home safely...
its so hard to drive over here, scared!

When i got back i went to play basketball with Max and Ryo, OUTDOOR! with the cold wind blowing, i gave up after 20 minutes...SERIOUS HEADACHE...
that's the bad thing about me, having headache when there is cold wind blowing!

came back and cooked dinner...
cooked mapo taufu, beef with ginger and shallot and stir fry vege...
and then i fried some rice for my lunchbox tommorow...
heee..i think i passed my day quite meaningfully today!!!
Love this kind of feeling, at least don't feel like i am wasting my time...
Have to study hard from today onwards, its already week 4!!!!
will have mid session in 2 weeks time...and so so so so many assignments to do...

Friday, August 8, 2008

Shin babe 1st clubbing experience

Went out to drink with S babe on Wednesday night,
she joined me n steph after unimovies...

i said i don't wana go out ad, but dunno why went out again..
stop playing!!!my life is so bad sleep play skip lectures..

in fact i just woke up, PLAYED MJ TILL 6.30am in the MORNING...
WHATS MY LIFE!!!hahahas...uni student should be like that... (max said so)
hahaha... anyway back to wednesday Hotel Illawara~

My Dark Rose & S babe's June Bug

while waiting for s babe in the loo!

another drink : ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS...hahahha...
ordered because of the name..

lesbian in act~

ANYWAY i am not that bad lar,i went out at 9+ and left at 11.30..
just sat there and drank for a while~
all study and no play makes jo a dull girl right,
but too bad i don't see the "study" part in my life..hahahaha...
so shitty, how am i going to get my HD?!!!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hail storm in wollongong!

1st of all i would like to say I WAS WRONG...
i said to shirlyn that there is no snow in australia..(refer to my cbox)
and who knows there is a hail storm today!!!
remembered what my bro used to say " the weather is like woman, it changes all the time, unexpectedly"

its was still sunny and warm this morning,
but around 3+, while i was doing experiment in chem lab,
i heard loud noise of rain outside...
i thought is was heavy rain so i didnt pay much attention to it...

My demonstrator kept walking towards the window to look outside...
i OSed: never see rain before ah!
hahas..who knows when i finished class and walked outside it was all white!!!
its a soft hail storm that looked like snow!!
kinda excited!!its my 1st time to see a hail...

i think everybody is excited,
Wollongong has hail!hahahs...
even the australians are amazed...LOL

saw some snow man around uni, cute! i never expect myself to be in this situation..
i wish australia will start to snow...hahahas...

in uni....a small snowman by the roadside...

In CE,it really looks like it snowed...i like the foot prints...and white roofs...

the snowball war shall now begin~

It used to be greeny greeny....

how cool this was!!!

Back in uni when the storm is still going on...

The field is no longer green...its all white...looks like a skiing field...

****OH I LOVE SNOW****