Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Karaoke session in KL

Since shin has updated about xmas and new year, I have decided not to write the same thing again..just refer to her bloggie lar...haha..lazy..

I am here updating about our 1st try at Sunway Pyramid AMP Square Karaoke.It was NEW YEAR'S DAY that day, and the karaoke is empty!we went there around 3pm and we were the 2nd group of customer for that day.OMG how can the karaoke survive.

Well maybe its a new 1 so there is not much people knowing bout it.Its at the basement of the "malay street" in sunway,I have forgotten what's the street called.

However its a huge 1, the only bad thing is the mobile reception is totally dead there!

I forgot about the price of the session, I think around RM25++ for a 3 hours session per person with 2 free drinks(including alchohols), not that expensive for public holiday BUT

we were FORCED to buy this 2 little bowl of KACANG
damm it.

But since we had nothing to do (we had been shopping around pyramid for 3 times in a row)
we still paid for the kacang and went in.

The forced to buy kacang us~

Feels good stepping on the new couch,
Smoke free, clean and nice room!

The couch must be full of our
nice feet smell!

We camwhored more than we sing?

Me and S babe

Its really spacious for 3 of us!

Overall everything is fine.
Songs updated - checked
Cockroach free - checked
No technical problems - checked
Nice interior for the rooms - checked
Odour free - checked
No annoying staffs - checked
Well I think everything is good cause its new!
So get yourself there before its getting "worn out"..hahaha...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I wish I could write something now.
But my mind is blank.
Its time to sleep princess
The electric signals pop along my nerves
Telling my eyelids to put on weights
Dropping them like curtains and blinds unwinding
Clicking the shut down button on my mind
Yes Master
I pop back the signals
But please promise me better skin and the sweetest dream.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pinkish Mood

Changed my bed sheet.
Its a white one with laces... *loves*

Wearing new pyjamas...
Its a long sleeping gown, pink with laces.. *loves loves*

Did my H2O mask..
Feeling my cells actively jumping on my skin, telling me they feel refreshed!

I feel pinkish today.
I am a princess on my bed =)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Reunion <3

Reunion sounds a bit too exaggerating, but i havent seen these babes for ages already...
like 2 weeks?yeah...they are my little childhood playmates and sec schoolmates..
I went to "yumcha" (yumcha means eating dimsum in HK, and steph always laugh at me when I say I used to go 'yumcha' with friends at night, i told her whenever is it, morning or night we call it yumcha,LOL, cultural difference?) with my buddies during tea time..And time passes quickly with the gossips..haha..I discover a thing, we became really gossippy as we grow up! gossips no fun.

Xinyi texted me and asked me out at night. "you come n fetch me la.." Thats what I replied. Yeah.My P license is expired, which means I am changing to CDL!but the driving skills still arherm...and that gives me an excuse of not driving!haha...I enjoyed being fetched..Driving IS TIRING. We went to Taiping Sentral and there is a model competition going on...And I saw somebody n the know i know.I was like "OH"....hahas...Mostly uncle aunties are watching there...well, some youngsters la...SOME.We went to old town again, seems like its the only restaurant that is worth going at sentral. Starbucks is too costy for yumcha.I have no money.Part time job, anyone?We talked a lot, about the problems, studies, future, this and that...And I realised we are OLD now..WE FACE LOTSA PROBLEMS, or maybe I should call them challenges. yea. Its no fun at all farewelling the teens. problems just pop up, everywhere, anytime. Now we need to think carefully, make our decisions, and go for it.NO TURNING BACK. sigh. that's life. I was quite tired and we left around 10+. Mum saw me coming home and was like "why u came back so early tonight?" (mostly I come home around 11+ if I go yumcha)..I was taken aback, I didn't know how to respond her.Haha, does that mean I can come home late next time?haha...I wana say byebye to curfew..

Anyway it was a quite OK day...meeting up with friends after the boring days at home. =)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Peaceful Days at my Peaceful town

Day passes by, and I did nothing much back in my hometown. Sitting at home watching HK drama (When Easterly Showers Fall), this keeps me staying up till 2am everyday =.= Mum had been complaining about my waking up late habit these days!

But I like the weather now..The not-so-hot weather...cloudy at times, cool at night =) Thats what my little hometown should be right?All my friends aren't here, some went back to work, some went back to study, some...??hmm, well I don't have that much "hang-out-friends" I guess?hahaha...I enjoy the days with my buddies, and I seriously miss those days.

Went out with S babe to do rebonding together this morning. Right, we just gotta do everything together..haha...and the worker said we both looked alike. BANG! again...Its the zillionth time that people asked if we were sisters or relatives, they said we looked alike!People used to thought we were each other when we were back in aussie.SERIOUS. That's hilarious isn't it,haha...The point is DO WE LOOK THAT ALIKE?
but I do have a pic that I think both of us looked really alike...

The "INNOCENT" fifteen...
I think we would look even alike without the glasses~

Ok back to the rebonding...We spent 3 hours there and overall I am quite satisfied with the results..I dont want flat and straight hair!but rebonding is like that one lah.Nevermind lor, hope it will turn out alright after 3 days =)

The hairstyle, the specs and the expression..

I did my new specs too! Just got a cheap one since I dont really wana wear specs all the time..And gosh, with the hair and the specs, I SO FEEL LIKE BEING IN SEC SCHOOL.
hahaha....I don't really wana look that young anymore, but I just couldn't find a hairstyle that suits me...OK lor...YOUNG is better than OLD wert...

Another thing I realised is.....I HAVENT BEEN CAMWHORING FOR LIKE 1 MONTHS +...
My buddies must be thinking I am sick or "Jo doesn't camwhore?you must be kidding!"....Yeah. I just feel that I am too ugly to camwhore sometimes... v(**)v God do pick times to let you to be photogenic!

The me camwhoring after ages...skills turning bad...

Nitez~Hope to update more soon.

huggies to my dears at Genting & KL
kisses to my babes in Taiping, meet up soon for the girly stuffs~
(before we gotta say it as ladies stuff)


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Japan Trip!! - Part 2

The lazy me is finally back to update more about my Japan trip~!Life has been really busy and lazy after I came back to my beloved home =) Gathering around with friends, going here and there, visiting my relatives...So far I am quite occupied!I love being home~And I am used to the weather here...looking forward for Chinese New Year~!!

Day 3 ---My 19th Birthday & Kyoto

Haru's family and my friends have decided to give me a surprise on my 19th birthday~!
They persuaded me to go shower and when the clock striked 12 they came out with my precious Japan birthday cake!!!You can so imagine my dowdiness after shower,soooo the photos are private!hahahah....

Its too pretty to eat it right?
and those wishes are written in jap, how cool~
My 2nd birthday overseas!
1st one was in Italy when I was 15 I guess..

My precious birthday pressie from my besties...
*ju & shin's pressie for me was not in the pic, it's an Aldo bag, you can see it in the future pictures =) hehe*

We went to Kyoto the next morning!Kyoto station is huge and nice, lotsa shoppings inside but well I have no time to shop there, and no CASH too..hahha...

Kyoto Tower right in front of the Station

We took bus to the Kyoto most famous Kiyomizu Temple

Its always Japanese tradition to wash your hands and mouth with the water before going into the temple

We went to 求签, and see what I GOT

Yeah, so they said tie the bad luck on to the bar and leave it behind!

Love the colourful leaves

Some random Kimono girls walking around in the temple..
haha..we are bloody tourists!

The wishing wood plates at every temple, write down your wishes and hang it there,
and it will come true~!

This is the "love god", but well I really dont know why we have to BOX the rabbit..
the yummies in Kyoto!!!!
Desserts suki-desu!!!!

Colourful Japanese slippers =)

Yeah so here it goes my 3rd day at Japan..The next Japan journal coming up is THE UNIVERSAL STUDIO JAPAN!!Its a hell fun place!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Settled Down

I am finally back to my beloved home again~!
Had been in KL & Johor for the whole week.
Its a great great trip!Enjoying the hustle bustle of the capital with my best buddies -- shin, pinnie, meen, rainbow~ Took some photos but they are not with me =(
still waiting for shin to come back...
Went to Johor as well, that's a really awesome trip..meeting my nanny, aunts n uncles and cute coussies...stayed at Rawang too!
Feel great to meet families =)
I love them ~~~
Too much to update now...Where shall I start?
Continuing Japan trip, Back to Aussie, Back to Msia, Xmas Party, KL Trip

Too much to blog, too little time