Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Little peeps

I am currently RESTUDYING for my Biochem midsession tommorow.
Don't think that I am that hardworking,it's just I don't remember a thing I studied!
GOSH, god bless me please, it's 20%!


Anyway I

for my Inorganice Chem Midsession!!!


at least my effort pays off.

But I have no confidence with the test tommorow and wednesday

I should work harder.




Anyway hope that I can sleep earlier tonight.
Nites peeps.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Easter Break With Besties :: Day 3 in Adelaide

Continued from shin's blog

After that tiring night where we played the craziest true or dare ever,
we woke up around 11ish, and went to the village around 1.
HOWEVER, we got to eat our "breakfast" or i suppose "late lunch" at 3PM!!!
Went to the sushi train shop. Jonah's parents came from Malaysia but he got so bored accompanying them and sneaked out to join us. He just couldn't bare missing the fun with us!

Jonah, Pin and Shin

Shin, Me & Pat

After the sushi train, we planned to go ice skating.
but when we reached it was just closing. @@
Aiks. Then the guys are so excited about playing pool, so me n S babe tagged along.
Bumped into momo again and he joined us too~!

Me, Momo & Jonah teamed up against Pin, Shin & Pat.

They were coaching S babe.

I hit in the 1st two balls for my team!!


and thanks Jonah for taking this pic.
Love it~

Momo, my teammate.
He is a half Thai half Japanese who grows up in US!
and everybody else speaks chinese so I entertained him with my
"useless Japanese"
haha..well at least I can response to him in Jap,
and he felt so surprised about my "very native adjectives"

We just played for 1 game and realised the next SNOOKER table had finished 3 games already.
and the whole session became a camwhoresession instead.

They were acting as if they were my SUPER FANS.
The classic fans pose.
*note: the sunnies I was wearing was Pat's PRADA.
you will know why I mentioned this later.

Me starring super hiao fan of Pin's
Pin looked good here. haha.

Me & pat pat
I forgot to say this last time and he insisted that I mention it again in my post.
as our attitude are the same
(as in the narcisst level and kept looking into the mirror whenever we could)
haha..good old pat.
we felt like we have known each other for ages,
too bad nothing is being concealed when we are with pin.
we are just too ourselves.
no image at all.

Superstar shin, and guess what
Pin actually directed this scene where we both have to look surprise like we had met a star.
Pin is being influenced by us now.

Went back to the village AGAIN.
Its like the base.
We stop by there a zillion times a day.

In the lift, the classic HK guy checking himself in the mirror everytime.
*including me*
so we decided to take pics to prove how many times we did that.

Back in Pat's room.
He got so bored and he started to camwhore with my cam.
At first I was sitting there watching,

Being a kind-hearted person like me,
I saw pat's Prada is full of finger prints, so I asked him to pass me the cloth so that I can help him wiped off.
then suddenly a small crack and I saw the lenses in my hands.
And then we camwhored.
Anyway it was just the lenses getting loose,
and he fixed it now.
He even texted me after that and told me it costed him 100 bucks to repair.
and I believed!
"last fingered me"

Still camwhoring with his 4mp webcam.
his room is full of chip & dale.

Finally its dinner time again.
It's Coral's birthday dinner.
At somewhere, Japanese BBQ Buffet.
So much cheaper than Sydney.

The C's
Cherry, Coral & Chloe.

Me and S babe.
Eating so much MEAT in ADL.

After dinner it's KARAOKE SESSION!

Looking pale.

My stupid camera's powerful flash
made the dark karaoke room so bright looking!
No feel!

Can you believe Mr Khaw is singing?

We finished singing by 12ish
and when we were heading back to the village,
Didn't we just had BUFFET just now??!!!

SO here we were at The Original Pancake Kitchen,
Open 24/7!

I kept feeling his pose reminds me of the
All well ends well 2009

Us with our strawberry and chocolate pancakes with cream and ice cream!!

Their blueberry pancake

Pin's something egg, ham cheese??

My super duper yummy choc pancake.
Hot pankes with melting cream and choc toppings.

After all the sugars and fat settled down in our stomach,
turning into irreversible fat storage,
we finally headed back to pin's crib and had a good night sleep.

Next up: Hanhdorf (the German village) at Shinzielicious.blogspot.com

Shin says it's like assignment,
the blog posts we had to write up is soooo much!

If he can do it, there is no excuse that you can't

I read this email from theng huan this morning,
and it linked me to a youtube video.

And I shed with tears after I watched it.

If he can join the ironman triathon with his paralysed father,
make it to the end,
then asking you to just study hard for your family
is a snap.

When the Hoyts can do it,
we can do it too.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My after holidays and during exam period.

I was about to update the Adelaide trip,
but uploading the photos took me soooo long...
So I decided to put it aside first, as I upload the photos day by day. :hilo:

Some random stuffs I came across this week.

It has been raining since Monday.
The ME who were supposed to be studying,
made this teruterubozu,
or "sunny doll" in chinese.
my Masterpiece



one night while I was trying to wind up my window,
I screamed and all my unit mates came to rescue, haha...
No we are actually quite excited, taking pictures and stuff...lol.
Then baby tried to poked it with a toothpick and it MOVED!
It is as huge as my palm, with thick hairy body,

Chirstine came to rescue with a bottle of pesticide spray,
and I sprayed on it like 1 minute...
and I coiled up, but still clinging..

Then the hero Jo:galit:
Hit it with a plastic bottle for like 2 times,

(at 1st some body suggested like squashing it, but Steph said if you squash it all the baby spiders will crawl out of the abdomen)

but anyway my powerful blow had made the spidy dropped 3 floors down.


I told them If I hadn't realised it and got bitten
then I will wake up as spidergirl setan


I have been preparing for my tests early of this week, but still spending time doing some online shopping, MSN with mates and some other useless stuffs.

Then when I finally finished my 2 tests yesterday, I felt so so so exhausted.
Life is hard ya. agree.

After all the hard times, all I wanted is a cup of hot honey lemon,
some music, Twilight which kept me so addicted,
and a good night's sleep.
Eye masks from Yuko n Steph when they go shopping in Sydney,
how sweeet!


I got myself into so highschool style today.
Its actually my first time trying this style.
hmm, I can't say it really looked good or suitable for me,
cause I am really worried if I might accidentally looked like the chinese?
Anyway I made use of the clothes and bags that I hardly wear.
Which I feel good, at least not wasting money buying and not wearing.

The cap from my bro - 1st time wearing
Hoodie - wore it a few times
Addidas sling bag - hardly using it
Skirt - 2nd time wearing after a year
Stockings - 1st time wearing after a year

haha.girls, takbole

Went shopping with dear S.
She is my best mates to go shopping with.
We give each other SINCERE comments
and we bought lotsa stuffs together today!!!!
I am so haaaapppiiieeee! :woooh:
We bought this whole box of greeny stuffs,
Its a cush massager!!!
when you press it it will vibrate,
Ideal for the backache us.
I bought 3 because I gave 2 to steph n yuko.

My new pair of heels!!!
Its called cupid arrows by poetic licence london.
Original price AUD170
I bought it, AUD 60!!!
haha.I love them soooo much!!
I actually saja tried it on when S babe is trying her boots,
then S babe was like ITS NICE!!!!
so I bought it.hahaha..
I trust her.
she bought a pair of very nice boots too,
I recommended to her 1 loh!!!
Same brand discounted items too!
The quality sooo good!
Very excited having bought cheap and nice stuffs!

Results of being a shopaholic:
New PJ from Short stories, discounted too! hahaha..
I m very good at finding good deals, remember?
New bath robe,S babe has baby blue one too, cause purchase with purchase it's half price!
good deal again.


= and me and shin is still shopping online now =