Tuesday, September 30, 2008


It's Recess!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Super happppiiieeee~finally got some break~!yuhoooooo!
Went to the mall today to have lunch...

WELL,I am suppose to drive there but i realised the car key wasn't there,
No choice,I gotta take the public transport.
Went to wait for the bus at iCampus but waited at the wrong bus bay
I know I am stupid!It's my first time MAH!taking this new bus route...!!!

Camwhored while waiting...See I didnt lie,it says BUS BAY!

So i MISSED the bus... (Seeing the bus driving pass me, the feeling damm "grrr" as I waited under the sun for so long,but its kinda cold!)
Luckily my bro came back and yeah i DROVE to the mall.

After having lunch went for shopping at Crown St Mall,
yeah the one and only city mall,super pathethic...
there are lotsa sales now...my favourite~!!!
especially in Myer!they always have cheap nice stuff during sales~!!!!

Bought some stuffffff....super happpiiiieeee....
Poor wallet,empty again...gotta work hard and earn the money back..
ngek ngek ngek...

Happy Holiday~!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

havent updated my blogggie for ages!!!!
Hows everyone????
i have been busy and free lately,haha...crappy...
actually i was doing nth but kinda lazy to update my bloggie..

having recess next week!!yuhooo...
might go to Hunter Valley..
but after that gotta come back and study hard..
well i havent been catching up my stats for ages already,
i m gonna fail!!!lols....
i hope i wont....

will try to update more later~!!
cheers..take care everyone!

p/s shin babe, good luck for ya finals!!!u finally can go home!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Global Highway 2008!!!

It was Global Highway in Uni yesterday.Well,what is Global Highway?
It is basically a festival with a lot of stalls from various countries promoting their cultural custom, costumes etc etc. I finished my physio test at 9.30 and my chem test is starting at 2.30, so i just wondered around the stalls~! Not in the modd to study at all, haha..terrible.

First of all is getting the Global Highway Passport. There are some country flags behind and when you go stall from stall,there is some mission and you will get a stamp. If u got all the stamps then you will receive a free t-shirt!!yuhoo, freebies! Jo loves freebies~!

Kinda lazy to type, so let the photos do all the telling~

Iran.The lady asked me to do some handcraft with tooth picks and thread..

India.Tried Hanna and Sari =)


TA-DA~ Steph's and mine

The end product..Nice nice!!!

Oh ya, the pottu too!!
I come from India (wink)

En Da Pu Reng Geh

China~tried using chopsticks to nip guli,i didn't know that's so hard until i tried!

Australia.Drew some aboriginal symbol

Shin posing with the "Australian Beach" LOL

this means "water hole"


The lady behind was like "???"

USA.Answer some Trivia and the answers are all USA!hahaha...

UK. Answered trivia as well, I suck in trivia. =P

Japan. Obviously I wore yukata~!and played some traditional Japanese toys, did origami as well =)


with the guy I Duno What's His Name


With Mayu~

With the real Japanese~

And finally mission accomplished!!!!!!!!

Of course I got my free t shirt but its XL!!!! the length is like till my knee!haha, decided to make it my sleeping gown =)

Nice event in uni, love it, hope they will have Malaysia someday =)