Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fröhe Weihnachten!

I couldn't believe that its is only a week away from 2010, and yet I didn't feel like I have achieved anything this year. Gosh, how fast can time passes without you knowing it?? And how many precious moments and days that I have wasted throughout this year? (counting the days where I neglect my poor bloggie) am pretty lazy to update nowadays, just because I am focusing on the Sales that is going on :P Well, and all the little parties, get together, rushing up the reports and picking up on the dramas.Just blame it on the festive season, the Malaysian attitude. :P

But it is Christmas Eve now!

And this Christmas eve would be absolutely different from what I have experienced 19 years before.

Because it would be a creepy christmas!


1. It stopped snowing these few days so I assumed there would be no white Christmas.

2. Almost all my other roomies were back in their home, near or far, and I would be the only one left on my floor.

3. Christmas Day = Closing day. All the shops are closed! From malls to supermarkets to groceries store, NOTHING is open! So you could either eat some mouldy left-over in your fridge or just starve to death in your room.

4. Since it is a very religious and family based festival, no one will be on the streets, like most of the Asian countries where you can see lovely couples and crazy friends bunching around the colourful and nicely decorated streets, counting down the moments to 25th, christmas carols everywhere and all the crazy shoppings!

5. Since I am flying to London on the morning of 26th, Heidi and I would have to go to the Munich airport on the 25th, and we would have to sleep over on the airport bench in order to keep our budget tight. And that means a sleepless night sitting on a cold bench in the middle of an airport.

6. No awesome BFFs around having PJs Xmas party with a cute cake, stupid presents exchange and the crazy True or Dare. (Beware, I am about to reveal that secret party of the Xmas Eve 2008 at the end of the post)

Anyways I am going to update you about the heavy snow in Erlangen last few days. The weather went all the way down till -16 degrees all in a sudden!Mynose was so frozen that I think if I sneeze hard it would fly off. My toes were so painfully cold as I moved it felt like I was trying to crush them.

But the snow was really pretty at those unpolluted places. (I shall show you how ugly is it on the streets next time)

A lonely Christmas tree standing by itself in the middle of a park.

The German's culture of christmas, christmas markets with alcohol stalls!

They sell Feuerzangenbowle which is a type of hot wine with spices and fruits, with sugar burning on top.

Well I had Kinderpunsch which is an alcohol free fruitpunsch thingy. The fire place is my savior! My expression was so frozen and it took me a lot of effort to smile!

I have managed to capture the snowing moments finally!

Some pictures from the famous Nuremberg Christmas Market.

Very Chrismassy cookies.

And of course full of Santas everywhere and their dogs that hate pretty girls sitting beside their owner.

Christmas decos in every window.

All the handmade expensive craps. Mum would say they would accumulate dust and take up unnecessary place in the room and we would have to wipe "ka pua si" (until half dead). Yes I totally agree.


As I have promised, I am about to post the Christmas pyjamas party 2008!
This is how you can host a Christmas Party.

Rule no.1 : Alcohol is a must. A lot of alcohol is compulsory. Excess alcohol is mostly preferable.

Rule no.2: A very cute cake just to have 4 pretty girls taking picture with it.

or five pretty girls to take a picture with cream on their mouth.

Rule no. 3: Start to play some retarded games. (Rule no.1 strongly applies here)
Get drunk!

Get people drinking!

Or snap some candid pics where the person in the picture herself doesn't even know what was she doing at that moment.

Rule no. 4: Ask a girl in a purple sleeping gown to carry a boy.

Rule no. 5: Ask girls to bitch slap each other.

Rule no. 6: Do something that cannot be explained. (???)

Rule no.7 : Somebody has to kiss somebody's nose.

Rule no.8: A little pause for presents exchange!

Rule no.9 : Because the presents are retarded you have to resume gaming. Now you can cut some guy's leg hair.

Rule no.10: And some bitch kisses.

Rule no.11: Now it's the time for the girl in a purple sleeping gown to be carried.

Rule no.12: Finally you could do some exchange dressing activity.





Pic taken at Tokyo Disneyland last year.

Friday, December 18, 2009


Got this email from Golden Key Society saying that I have been nominated to join the ISLP programme. Sigh, I really wanted to go to the one in China but the fees are a little bit high :"(
The short 11 days programme is costing 3000+ USD.
Seems like I am just gonna let this opportunity slip away.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Long time no Blog!

Indeed, seems like I have dissappeared after my birthday.

Well time flies really fast and it is the last month of the year!

And it is 2 more months before I am leaving Germany for good and back to my old lifestyle in the boring Gong again! OMG how much am I gonna miss Germany?

For the past 2 weeks I have been making trips, rushing to the labs, German classes and making trips again. I am truly exhausted and I think it could use me a full week of slacking to get back to full recovery. Especially after I had the symptoms of food poisoning after I came back from Spain.

YES I WENT TO SPAIN, BARCELONA!!and the souvenir I got from Barcelona is food poisoning @@

But well before that I went to Bamberg and Nuremberg christmas's market, the to Munich and then Salzburg in Austria. I definitely have no rest as I had all those trips after 1 or 2 days I am back from somewhere. Well, because the bf flew 20+ hours to visit me from Sydney, how can I let him stay at home?

Uploading photos in facebook is tiring enough, not to mention captioning and tagging. And that makes me lazy to blog again. ISHK....but I really wana share my journal of travelling with whoever out there that is interested, because whenever I wanted to research for my trips I just googled and so many bloggers who write awesome travel journals helped me a lot!

Well I will try my very best to update in these two weeks, as I still have labs everyday running and my physical chem lab reports to write up. And then I am gonna fly to London and Paris for Christmas and New Year!! Gosh how exciting could that be!!!

Anyway I have gotta seriously rest now, gotta recharge myself after the hectic two weeks of travelling.

Nights, ciaos!with a glass of awesome hot Gluhwein for everyone.