Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Winter break is finally over and I am being throw back into reality.
Uni is busy as usual.
Had a great break, was busy seeing people, going out, having heaps of fun and feeling loved.

Wan Lin came down for a visit and we went to see Kiama's blow hole together.

The famous blow hole.

Dearest Yuko came back from Japan for her graduation and of course us must hang out.

Oh when is my turn to wear my robe?

I had so much fun this holiday, although it is hard to see friends leaving too, wondering when is the next time I would meet them. Bless them for their better future! 

And I have been eating so much lately. Not exaggerating but I ate like 6 slices of pizza myself? And nommed down endless chips and cokes, lollies and crackers with cheese dip. I am literally a pig.


OK diet diet diet. and keep fit keep fit keep fit.
but before that I will have some ice cream now.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Letting go

is something difficult to learn.
Sometimes you try hard to let go of negative thoughts, let go of some complicated emotions, let go of all the frustrations, but somehow all those come back in another way, either from your little heart knocking reminding you, or from some people that doesn't even know what's happening but discussing heatly about you.

Or sometimes you see your loved ones not letting go, that hurts too. Just like you feel the pain yourself, in their shoes, and how you wish you could pull them out of the hell which you know is impossible. They are their own cure. Nobody can help.

Doubt. When you doubt about something, you know something is wrong. Because if you know the definite answer why take the time to doubt? But sometimes you know there is no turning back. Once something happened, once some words said, there is no way to erase. Life is not a CD player, you can't go backwards.

And of course in life, you learn to give and take. When you thought taking is better, you ended up demanding more and more, and you are never going to be satisfied with what is being given. And then you thought, maybe giving is better, at least when you give you felt happier. But then back to reality, can you keep giving and expect nothing in return? When you give, you expect a little bit in return, maybe not as much as what you gave, but at least the little gratitude for what you have given? And when you don't get any, will you still give as much? Or you would ended up missing being given, where taking seems a lot easier? Where you just take everything for granted without thinking so much?

And then you would die when you lose it. When you realise life is not about taking nor giving anymore. Then what's it?

Human being always confuse themselves, and I guess I am one of them.

Nights people. Ciao.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Finally, the long anticipated winter holidays have arrived 3 weeks ago. Throwing away all the stress and books, off I fly to Airlie Beach to enjoy give myself a break from all the nonsense here. It is a pretty place, quiet, not much people escpecially asians. The water is exceptionally blue, the breeze is gentle and fresh, the sun is warm but not burning your skin. It is indeed an ideal place to getaway from the chilly cold winter in Wollongong. And it is the first time I have watched sunset almost everyday in my life :)

Got on board to sail around the islands, although the weather wasn't good, and the sail ripped off at the start of the journey, I have survived two nights on the boat. We went snorkelling, which is totally opposite from my so called snorkelling experience in Pulau Paya, where the water is just untill my knee and I squatted to look at the fishes swam by. Snorkelling in the sea makes me feel very very insecure, like I would drown anytime a wave hit by or there would be a shark behind me and I wouldn't notice. Obviously I think too much. But I see all the pretty corals and fishes, just like the documentaries and I was impressed! Not so impressed though when my feet was scratched by all those dead corals and it is still itchy till today.
Mum is not happy with me sunbathing (my face). And I got tanned after coming back :D

Went to the Whitehaven Beach, the most amazing beach I have ever seen in my life.
Looking dumb in the wet suit but just focus on the the water, it is all clear, like you wouldn't believe your eyes when you see it and the sand is so fine and white (pure silica).

I am missing that place already! I hope I would go back someday :)

Still couldn't believe I have been to that place.

And miss having Baskin Robins under the hot sun. And the cooling breeze never makes you sweat. 
Perfect weather.

The marina at Airlie Beach. Dreaming about someday when I could buy my own boat and go sailing.
Blue sky, blue sea, blue me.

Came back to the Gong all tanned and chubby. That's what holidays are for right? To make you relax, eat, and grow fat :(

Clubbing with the sweeties @ Illa. Japanese night!

And see who is back! My ex-unit mate Steph had decided to come back from HK for a break and ruin my holidays. She stayed over for a few nights and we bitched like hell.

Went to watch Shrek 3 together and this Missy took my student card to get a concession. Teacher acting student, tsk tsk tsk.

Just came back from Melbourne yesterday with S.

Met up with pin and chloe! We met every year since we came to Aussie! At different cities :) Missing them already. It is nice to talk to someone that knows everything about you. save up so much energy to explain stuffs. Love this pic so much! Us looking sophiscicated!

Disaster for the hotel to have both of us. We can spend a whole two hours camwhoring in our bath robes LOL. That's us, we can do whatever we want and not feeling awkward, be it with lotsa gossiping and bitching, or some touching heart talks or just purely silence. We feel comfortable in each other's company.

Finally get to meet these ladies, S's sunway mates. Had great time with them, and brainwashed with all the KK accent. Gang bu gang?

And results are out! Glad I still managed to maintain my average.

Two more weeks till uni starts again. And before that, I am going to make sure I slack every second of my winter break!