Friday, June 27, 2008

My Winter Break~!

230608 - Sydney
Went to Sydney with Max, Ryo and Haru..Actually i really dont know why i go with them..max and ryo is going for a haircut...and they keep asking me to go with them...after thinking, considering, counting...i finally decided to go with them...since i am so bored and have nothing better to do!so we went to eat Ramen in Menya and then they both went to haircut so me n haru..just walked around..and then settled down in Kinokuniya and read books..haha...must be like WHAT???TRAVEL ALL THE WAY LONG TO READ BOOKS!
YES!!!!!because there is no Kinokuniya in the GONG!!!!

We went to a Szechuan Restaurant for dinner...I thought it would be so hot like the one i tried in Melbourne last year... too bad this "szechuan" restaurant is NOT HOT AT ALL...NOT AUTHENTIC!!!how can they call themselves szechuan restaurant!!damm dissapointed lor!!!

anyway,it was a "OK" trip...

Mario Kart!!! <3

eating beloved tang yuen!

4 of us on the train..camwhoring~

250608 - The Phantom Of the Opera
Location : Lyric Theatre, Star City
OK i have to elaborate more on this...

Its THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA!!!!wait, its not the movie, ITS THE OPERA!!!
I have been waiting this day for so long!!its like the most classic opera on earth!
its like even if u have gone to like 1000 operas before,if u have never been to The Phantom of The Opera you are just not considered as an "opera-goer"!!!
The Opera drives me CRAZY!!!it was totally AWESOME!!!!

Well,i spent AUD89.99 (RM270) on the ticket and sit in the 10th row...its just a perfect seat to watch because if you sit too near you dont get to see the phantom when its on the roof...

Its my first time to an opera but its kinda funny when we go in and saw all white hairs around us..YES ITS FULL OF OLD LADIES AND OLD MEN...then we realised because its afternoon!all young people have to work so all the old people are watching..

This opera has been showing since May,and will continue showing till JULY...Almost 10 shows per week i guess,and THE THEATRE IS STILL FULL...TICKETS ARE STILL FULLY BOOKED...The Stage, Orchestra, and the singing of the opera was fantastic!!especially the stage effects..everything is perfect!

have a look at the link to get more information :)

I will definitely go again if they are showing nextime!

250608 - Glasshouse

Well, we are crazy and stupid enough, there is so many clubs in Sydney but we came all the way long back to the Gong and decided to go to Glasshouse..(There is only a few clubs in the Gong, pathetic)..


Shin was suppose to go with me because during her birthday we didnt go and she said i should accompany her to go glassy someday,so v decided to go on Wednesday BUT SHE FELL SICK...haha..poor her,get well soon =)

AND things happen before going there!!We are rushing for the 9pm bus,so when its 8.50,Steph came over and i was about to go out,and i was digging for the "eyebrow blade" in my basket...AND THE BLADE SLICE INTO MY NAILS AND blood bursts out from my nails!!!!i grabbed a tissue and straight away went out!!!!!!!!!!! crazy!and my finger keep bleeding...until i finally got a bandage and stick over it..AND THEN ON THE WAY I LOST MY BONITA EARINGS!!!!!!so damm sad!!!!hmph!!!!it costs me RM30 and i lost it!!! !#$%^&* still doesnt put off my excitement of going to Glassy,but steph forgot to bring her ID so v had to walk back again and v missed the v took a cab there...

And well...Glassy is a dissapointment actually..haha..its not as fun as i think...
"Glassy has the worst music and they still play it so loudly" (Max)
haha...well..the music is kinda lousy...for the whole night,the only song that can make me excited is only "Low"..and other songs are like "Huh?what kind of song is this?"
But still ok lar..since its the 1st time clubbing,shouldnt act like i know a lot..hahah
Max keep dragging me to do shots with the 1st thing i do when i reach there is Tequilla shot (They dont have Tequilla pop!)..and the after that i got pineapple vodka cruiser..Yummy~!After some time me, steph and Chisa went to dance..and v became self-high..haha and v played 15-20 and i m so super lousy!!! @@ keep drinking...

Then Max drag me to do shots we had Cowboy this time..taste like teh ais..haha
And then around 1am,THE CLUB CLOSED...i was like "HAMI??SO EARLY CLOSE AD?" v decided to go back and then Max says he didnt drink enough so asking if v should go Castro then v r about to walked to Castro and then we met Haru (he left early to send Chisa back) and v finally decided to go home is my 1st clubbing experience =)

And I wasnt drunk~!and no hangovers...good thing =)

Might go to Sydney again tommorow... ... ..still thinking...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Finished exams!!!!!

at shin's place now =)
just finish my last exam BIOL104..
totally dead lor...just know how to do like 5 out of 100...
hahas..EXCELLENT!!!i might fail the subject lor..LOL
the only thing i hope now is passing that subject lar..
i went to nan tien temple and pray like 2 months ago...
so please bless ma la god...hahahs...
anyway will have 1 month holidays now...WooOOhhOOOooo
but everybody is going back or leaving...SAD....
will update my blog more frequent lar...
have to continue gossiping with shin ad...