Tuesday, April 27, 2010


It's 8.51pm and I am still sitting in the library.

Life has been treating me well these days. I am pretty occupied, with all my work, stress, tests and studies.
And then all those beautiful moments with my babes, with my loved ones.
Sometimes I feel really stressful due to the bad outcome of my research, all those thesis writing that piled up, all the rush in meeting dealines, and the endless writing writing writing and studying. I never get to stop, everything come one after another, perhaps not one after another at all, before one left another one is already waiting there.

Sometimes I feel like giving up. Sometimes I feel like I don't want it anymore. Sometimes I complaint why I have to research when everyone is just taking ordinary subjects. But after all this grumbling and complaining, I still need to get my ass back to work. And after all the time I spent in the lab, in the library, discussing with my supervisors, and facing all the obstacles and problems yielding good results, I get to learn from the failure. I learned to accept that chemistry isn't something that promise perfect outcome, chemistry isn't something that you can just see it the way you want it, chemistry is something beautiful. Something that will give you surprises, something that even you failed you will still love it :) Because chemistry is everywhere, and everything is chemistry.

And one day I hope, I will find the most beautiful chemistry in the world -- the chemistry between me and you.

Jo Ann

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happiness and Hunger

Lately I found this new thing that when I am happy I get hungry faster.
Guess food just digest so much quicker when you are in a good mood.

And today I didn't feel hungry at all because I was really stressed.

Imagine I need to go into the lab from 9am-5.30pm and experienced the repetitive failure of my experiments and end up with stupid results and I need to write up the discussion why it failed and hand it in next week.

Then I have this 10 pages scientific review due tommorow. I kinda finish writing it but I think it's only a draft! But hell I have NO TIME to go over it anymore.

Then I have this hardest and lamest subject Physical Chemistry midterm tommorow and I HAVEN'T EVEN STUDY anything before tonight.

SO carrying all these stress, I was really depresssssed for the whole day and I didn't even feel hungry at all.

But anyway, since I am always a happy-go-lucky person, I have overcome my stress when Eliza came over and both of us dumb dumbs managed to sort out some answers to the problems for tommorow's test.

Then I have decided to just settle with my draft, I don't care anymore even though it's 10%.

Then about the experiments...HMM...let's see what happens when I do it again tommorow.

Thanks to all my dearies that supported me and put up with all my crankiness and depression today.
You guys made the best part of my life.
And you know I am talking about you. 

yes I love myself this way, just like how I love all of you. True and bold.

Friday, April 9, 2010

7 minutes before lunch

I am sitting in the library now waiting for lunch time.
And I have this urge to blog but I am out of time, need to return my lappy soon.

So I guess I had a pretty happening Easter Break, despite the fact that I am in the library everyday doing my assignments and the lab doing my work. I had so much fun with the girls, with new friends and LADY GAGA!

So next's up,

Can't wait? 

me too :P

Would be away to Sydney these two days after a whole week of hard work.

I will be back :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My busy life!

Yes, after all those emo posts, finally I am back
all good and happy again.
Thanks for everyone's concern and I am currently in a good state.
I am happy with my life now, life busy with assignments and work, life full of laughters with my babes, life full of fun with all the going out. Yes I guess I should keep moving on this track :D and not thinking about the past anymore. I knew I can do it.

I am lucky to live with all my lovely babes in this lovely unit, where u can go all emo and cranky and show your ugly true self and you are still loved. I will just let the pictures tell the stories of what I have been doing.

Fairy Meadow Beach :D

Sharon's birthday <3

The real us at home :D

Trying to tie a knot with my tongue to see if I am a good kisser. Experiment failed. I am bad at kissing LOL.

The first night of the break, heaps of people went out, and the queue was crazy. Guess the whole Wollongong is there in the line.

We went to Glassy then. Aya-chan <3

dance floor babes.

The single and availables in our unit. The taken is always not with us.hah.

Being Koreans again.

What is so difficult about girls is,even after they club and went home they still need to camwhore for another hour.

Who cares, we think we are pretty. hah.

I love you sweetie. very very much.

Ending the post with my super big head :)