Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Byebye 19

Welcome to the Club 20.

I have been lazy recently, slacking for no purpose, guess I still have some pending posts for my Prague and Regensburg trip. That's what I have promised myself, to keep track of my travel journal.

OK back to the day when I turned 20.

Nopes, the night before I turned 20.

Went down to the bar with my babes.
Heidi, moi, Aida, Kanae, Azusa.

Free shots from Thomas for my birthday, and the shots in Germany are double the size in Australia.

Paupau the Spanish and me. He was such a fun guy that night he joked so much that I almost teared from all the dirty jokes. LOL.

Lizzy my love. Like my top? I like it too :P

Especially the lipstick stain behind.

Yeah me me and me!! I enjoyed myself so much that night and all I could remembered is I danced a lot I laughed a lot. I didn't drink a lot though. Just a shot and a glass of Gluhwein.

What's worse that having to work on your birthday? But well to make myself happy I blew myself some pink balloons with the Nitrogen in the lab. And I was quite surprised that most of the people there wished me Happy Birthday! They knew my birthday!!

Happily with my Advent's Kalandar, its for counting down xmas.

And the tank of n-Hexane that was sent into the lab that morning, yeah for my birthday.LOL

Gotta left home early because we finished work early!

Yeah the calander was from Lizzy, she said then I could have a present each day for a month!

Seth gave me a receipt to claim tickets for New Moon ;) And a Freddo !!

Went to dinner in our favourite restaurant with Heidi and Yee chun afterwards.
It's our fav because we always get special treatments there, haha. Free drinks or free food :)

My awesome birthday dinner! Fried rice, Roasted Duck and Stir fried Prawns! Yummy yumm. And free soup from the kitchen :P It would be even better if my gastric doesn't occur at that particular moment.

Time for the birthday cake! I have been bugging them for NICE CANDLES :P How demanding can I be?? But they were very nice they just said 'It's your bithday! We will do whatever you want!'

Fireworks from the boss, and it's sticking on an apple. I was very amused because we didn't have any preparation for that and uncle just suddenly lit up the fireworks. WOohoo.

Make a wish, make a wish, and it ended up - make a lot of wishes.

Pictures from chun's new camera!! I am so jealous!!!

Snap, view, snap, view, which continued for like 9876031182 minutes.

The chef from the kitchen. Where all the free food comes from.

OK finally after all the camwhoring I am willing to blow out my NICE CANDLES.

Time to kill the cake! That's the only knife big enough in the restaurant. LOL.

Curi . Makan.

Ok I think this pic should come before I cut the cake, but anyway I am lazy to move it up. So you should move your brains a little.

I am lucky to get to know them here. Really lucky.

Free wine from the boss, he says birthday should be alcoholic. OK.

Thanks to all that gave me the awesome gifts.
Chocolates and flowers from Aida and Darja the beloved floormates.
All the made in Japan stuffs from my Jap friends, they came all the way at midnight to give me the presents, and I was in my pyjamas. haha.
And the Mickey mouse key chain from Kanae and Azusa from Paris Disneyland.

Of course, thanks to all those that wished me on Facebook!!!

I heart you all, thanks for remembering my birthday,
thanks to Facebook for reminding you all to remember my birthday.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

I am in the lab now,

surprisingly not excited at all for my 20th birthday tommorow.

Probably all my besties are not here and there is no point of celebration.

Bloody sleepy and bored now,

when can I go home??

And I have a German Test tonight.

Gotta study abit...

Counting down to my 20th.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Amazing Little Town - Füssen


I must say, its a must go for tourists in Germany. It is an important little town which has its extraordinary landscape and the most attractive spot -

Schloss Neuschwanstein (The New Swan Stone Castle)

It toook us almost 4 hours train to get there from Erlangen. We departed at 9 in the morning but most of us were really sleepy and tired,and a little bit awkward especially when we were sitting among a group of FC Bayern Munich "old guys" fans with a bottle of beer in each of their hands as breakfast. Well I shall say: football fans like to drink, and they drink since the morning.

Bored in the train while everyone is sleeping.

We arrive at the Füssen Bahnhof and took a bus to Schwangau where the castle is.

The group of us, Heidi, Aida, and Yee-Chun mit ich, and the little castle from far.
As soon as we stepped foot at Füssen, we heard a lot of American English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, it is a very very tourist place. And all the things are being 'touristfied'. Like I ate a "microwaved" frozen burger which has a diameter of about 7cm and that costed me 2.80. And it is NOT YUMMY at all.

Hohenschwangau. The old castle of King Ludwig II. I didn't went into this one, just kinda walk past befor we took another bus uphill.

We bought a student ticket with an English tour but it was like 2.5 hours later so we decided to just stroll around the Marienbrücke bridge to look at the castle for far, or I shall say the best angle.

Two very cute little girls, especially the one in pink, they posed for me to take pictures :)

This is the view from above the bridge, very very refreshing water flowing, making me feel like jumping into it!

The castle, the sunlight, everything is perfect. (I don't understand why all the tourist attractions that I went to is always ALWAYS under renovation)

Me and It, or It and I, or It and Me? (quoted from Aida)

Us on the bridge!!

And we walked into a narrow little trail in the jungle, and realised that it is not allowed when we came out. Because it looked like a cliff.

What's wrong with my peace? It looks very, weird. Or tourist, I supposed.

OK, much better without me in it. Look at the Autumn leaves and the awesome view of the lake and the Alps!

Some side of the castle.

Meine mitbewohnerin, Aida.

The long missing jumping pose, people were laughing at me, some old people. I guessed they were just envy of me because I can jump that high while they can't. Oh even they can they just can't coordinate themselve into such a perfect double peaces and the red scarf flying in such a perfect way. OK Let's say they can, I don't think they will be in time for the camera man to snap at that precise moment. Because their camera man is gonna have shaky hands and slow coordination, and they don't have a red scarf.

Don't worry I am just crapping.

Supposingly a Heart shape.

On the way to the castle.

At the entrance.

A good view from the castle. Still the lakes, the Alps and the warming sunlight in sucha cold weather. It was between -3 and 3 degrees.

I wanna be a royal family and enjoy the privileges of building my castle around this super awesome landscape.

My dinner. Big portion = Lotsa calories = Will be fat when I am back.

We stayed for a night in this Cosy little hostel called the Hostel L.A House. We booked for three but were given a room for four, and I enjoyed chit-chatting so much with the girls that night.


We strolled around the little town of Füssen the next day. It was a Sunday so most of the shops were closed. Hardly anyone was seen on the streets except for church and some restaurants.

It was a rainy and foggy morning, we walked by this river, it just makes me feel so free, bringing serenity to my troubled mind.

I just can't take my eyes off them. All the sceneries, the awesome creation of mother nature, it's a gift for the people that visit Füssen, seriously.

The three of us. My good friends and travel mates.

Finally Sumo has the chance to come out and take pics again. It is nice to have red leaves crawling on the walls.

Autumn leaves and me - take 1.

Autumn leaves and me - take 2. I have to emphasize, I GOT A CHIN HERE! Probably because of the lack of light, hahaha, and some wrong shadow.

Went to the Stadtmusuem and saw this library. Heidi said she wanted library like this, just like in the Beauty and the Beast. I am gonna built myself a library like this in my palace next time too! and I have to buy a lot of 'nice-looking' books. Yeah, my books are gonna be as vain as me.

Last but not least - the Totentanz, the Dance of Death. It was painted in 1602 by Jakob Hiebeler.Under the motto" Say yes or say no, you must dance", 20 scenes depict various social ranks, led by the pope and the king, dancing with death from whom not even the little child nor the artist himself are spared. A very nice painting and meaningful indeed.

This summarizes my trip to the last stop of the Romantic Road in Germany - Füssen.

I am looking forward to the trip to Prague the day after tommorow!
It's another princess adventure to a new country in Europe.