Monday, September 27, 2010

✿ Canberra Floriade 2010 ✿

Finally, the long anticipated recess week has arrived! To celebrate our first day of the recess week, our family went to Canberra to visit Floriade, which is the annual tulips exhibition!! It has been my wish to visit there since I came to aussie and after 4 years finally I get to realised my dream!

We initially booked a 8 seater Kia and who knows it turns out to be a 12 seater van. The back seat was bumpy as if we are riding a horse. Luckily there are only 7 of us to manage to squeeze to the front.

It was a 3 hour drive to Canberra from Wollongong. We have nothing better to do so we just camwhored, tried to remember some old TVB theme songs, and just being noisy in the van.

 Us in the car van.

Camwhore during toilet breaks as well :D

Stopped by at this look out point which I don't remember the name. I think it started with W.

Finally arrived at Floriade!

I like purple tulips.

Yellow is classic.

Babes of the day!

I think I looked at him more than the flowers *blush*

I forced them to make this pose, so cute. Haha!

We are meant for each other. lol. even we stayed together, we still talk endlessly, creating noise pollution in the van.

<3 white tulips too!!

Credits to Miss photographer that took sucha nice pic even after an accident (being banged by an old lady with her little car).

It is nice to visit such a lovely place, but it is precious to be able to visit it with your loved ones.


That's me trying to imitate a pose that I did when I were young (at lake garden).

They even have colourful umbrellas hanging in the air!

My dream house has to have a lot of flowers, and me and my husband would spend a lovely sunday gardening *dreaming*.

Jump shot is a must!

Visited the parliament house.

Went to KOKOBLACK after dinner to enjoy my favourite chocolate!

The hot chocolate and baby iced chocolate. Seriously thats the best hot choc I have ever tried. Must try if you have the chance!

It was a wonderful day trip! Had so much fun and the colourful flowers made my mood bright!

Spring is coming soon : D


Saturday, September 18, 2010


其實..  我真的有160公分,不要懷疑我!

其實..  我每天都會發很多夢,好夢噩夢很普通的夢,有時候很日常的夢到我會分不清記憶裡的是夢境還是現實生活。

其實..  我很不甘寂寞,我不喜歡一個人。

其實..  我的酒量真的沒有很好,只是我的臉喝很多也不會紅,而且我的肝指數很高,膽固醇也很高。

其實..  我真的很愛唱歌,無時無刻都愛唱,有時候我也覺得自己很吵。

其實..  我不容易在別人面前落淚,我的外表很堅強,我內心的軟弱只有鄭穎欣和郭一零看得到。

其實..  我除了郭一零之外,很討厭別人摸我的頭,尤其是會把頭髮撮亂的那一種,我會恨不得把那個人的頭髮拔光。

其實..  我把朋友放得很重,可是很多時候並沒有相等的待遇,很多時候只是我自己太掏心掏肺。

其實..  我真的很懶惰。我媽會很同意。我小學時常不做功課,中學更加不用做,好啦大學勉強一定要做。只是我考試時都是臨時抱佛腳,我真的很想改掉,但是我卻怎樣也改不掉。

其實..  我最近愛上了煮菜,可以看到吃的人幸福我也很幸福。 

其實..  我好想當個小女人。

其實..  我不喜歡等,我不喜歡遲到,不喜歡臨時才跟你說我不能。

其實..  我不喜歡西方國家,我好想念馬來西亞,就算很熱很潮濕,可是那裡是家。還有很好吃的食物。

其實..  我持續在發胖。我想要減肥,講了很多年始終沒有實現。只要有美食在前就會忘記這個念頭。

其實..  我很想念在德國浪跡天涯的時候,吳子予一直在我旁邊一起肉慾的時候。

其實..  我發現我突然間沒有了以前的抱負,我只想要平平凡凡的過日子,我想要有一份可以賺很多錢我又很喜歡的工作,嫁一個很愛我的老公,生幾個很可愛的bb,然後可以跟我老公白頭偕老。我並不想要拿諾貝爾獎,也不相當很傑出的女強人。我只是想要幸福一輩子。

其實..  我希望可以陪在爸媽婆婆身邊,雖然我就是愛頂嘴。我想要可以快點賺錢給家用。

其實..  我可以不顧一切的愛,當我死心了,我也可以頭也不回的走掉。可是我不容許背叛。

其實..  我是從鄉下來的小孩,我們那裡有湖,有山,有瀑布。我從來沒有住過公寓,所以我很想以後有機會去大城市工作。

其實..  我手毛腳毛都很長。爸爸說,漂亮的女生手毛都很長。他是我爸爸,他不會騙我。

其實..  我很害怕昆蟲和會飛的動物,原因是我曾經被蜜蜂飛進校服裡,麻雀大便在我的人中上,還有哥哥養的魚死在我的校鞋裡。

最後其實… 我希望我會一直很B型下去,樂觀沒煩惱!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Can we pretend that Airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars
I could really use a wish right now 
wish right now wish right now

This song is stucked in my head ever since I first heard it.
I wish I would wish upon planes too :)
I have to many wishes.

That's me! Standing firmly even the wind was strong because I am heavy :DDD

I am having a massive headache right now. probably due to the after effects of tasting 8 different beers and the chilly wind blowing my head for the whole day :( My ears are painful too.
If I could wish now I hope spring comes faster. I want sunny and breezy day!

Pray for tommorow's weather.

Took shytloads of photos today. Will upload when my headache is gone :)


Sunday, September 12, 2010

A little bit of love everywhere

This post basically sum up my weekly life.
The little bits and pieces of me everywhere!
Pictures talk better than words :)
And there are shitloads of me.

Weekends before test: Die die also want to go shopping the second time with S my love.
We have gotta continue buying things that we didnt buy the last trip.
Boost love!

I am a poor autistic child drinking boost and eating banana bread.

Even the rain never stop us from shopping.Bought shoes that day! super happy!!

And say yes to glassless nerd specs : D

Spent some time enjoying other people's cooking. Went over to A's house for dins.

What a talented man making dumplings : P
Thumbs up to a-Liang :)

Seriously no joke OK. See how neat and tidy they are. Even me couldn't do it.

Ready to nom nom! Yay!

Oh this is just a random pic I saw in the toilet. Seriously who piss beside a toilet bowl?

Another cooking day at A's. Yummy yummy! Taiwanese tomato scramble eggs, our love!

Was walking to the bus stop and singing happily. Then he thought I was too noisy so he decided to stuff a banana to shut me up. Who knows? Jo could sing with a banana too! *high five*
(that's a mint, not a tongue pierce)

And there was this Friday that I sulked in the library because I have gotta study for midsession after work!
But I like my hair : D

But we watched Step Up 3D in unimovies! cheaper :) We are a bunch of cheapskate students.

Saturday morning: Overslept and went to Raya's celebration at botanical gardens with swollen eyes.

Ah I am not hunching! just that my cardigan appears to hang there unreasonably. LOL
 food is behind us!

Different kind of malaysian food I misssssssss! greedily scooped a lot *evil laughs*

Yo we have a selamat hari raya banana cakey.

Dessert and kuih muih table... Hmm I am hungry now.

Introducing satay to him.

Greedy fatty us trying all the desserts after eating a big plate of food.

Jiwan & Shazza :)

Oh this scene is so Malaysianish.

People I adore.

Yes we are the celebs, see everybody is trying to take snap shot of us!

Spot me.

Went to uni after that.
To watch youtube.

Started studying after that.

And decided that life is too boring in the library after 2 hours.
So I took a stroll around the peaceful uni on a Saturday :)

Running and skipping happily at the duck pond.

Writing on the sands.

Chasing the duckies.

It has been ages since I felt carefree and young again. It has been ages since I last wrap my arms around nature. And I am glad our uni is green, not some greyish colourless concrete jungle.

Paparazzi snapshot of the girls from the outside of the library.

Look at how Mr Engineer enjoys his lemon poppyseed muffin. He makes the muffin seems like it tasted really great.

converse loves.

And then on a Sunday Morning:
Heading to the library again.

Me and my longtime no use agnes b bag.

On the bus :)

Twitted this pic.. Follow us!

Ending this post with another picture of me,
eating banana again.

That's how I spend my week.