Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Global Highway 2010

It has been agesss since I last showed up in my blog, I know.
Cause I have gained so much weight and my skin condition is bloody terrible :(
Can someone help meeee?
Ahh well, I am still chubby even without weight gain, just chubbier now.

SO Imma show you the latest me!!! 
Last week!
But well another reason is I have been so occupied by uni I have no time to go out and no time to take pictures at all. I have not been dressing up to uni for ages and I find myself really slouchy and hunched back a lot. Guess my self concious is extremely low when I just wear whatever to uni. And then I became really slacky. So one day when I suddenly woke up from my laziness, I have decided to at least pick something from the closet everyday, instead of wearing whatever that hangs on the wall.

Alrights back to Global Highway, its an annual event where every country set up their own stalls, and you play mini games in order to get a stamp, and when you get all the stamps on your global passport you get to exchange some gifts!

Lia and I early morning with our passports!

Yay! mission completed!

Got T-shirts in return!

And then camwhore abit. Got a Australian flag tattoo from the aussie stall. Damm I looked so exhausted here. See what uni did to me? wrinkles at 20? OMG need more eye cream.

Love the necklace from Aunty Ann, a must have!

Anyways spring is hitting in weeks and my closet is still empty! no floral, no denim, no nothing!
I deffo needed to stock up! and gosh, I haven't been shopping for almost 2 months! what happened to me? Life is all about uni now, ya I deserve it!
I am so sick of uni now I want to go home! I want to just graduate this year and don't do honours!
But well work harder and harder, and earn more money and save up my travel funds.
That's the principle I am holding on to until my birthday, which is the 1st day of summer holidays!

Can't wait for my 21st :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


How can it be August already? When I'd barely do anything over the past eight months?
Realised I had a bad memory these days, can't remember stuffs.
Alright actually I did lotsa stuff this year, I was in Germany, Malaysia, Singapore then back to this small little town with blue sky and no clouds. Then my life is all about little molecules and drugs and expensive machines. And I lost weight and gained weight.  Then I forget all my german. Really miss Germany though. My happy little time, not that I am not happy now, but Germany gives me a different feeling of being independent and adventurous. And Wollongong gives me this safe and secure feeling. Then what's Taiping? Have I forgotten about Taiping? It changes and changes and changes and I had only step foot on Taiping for 12 days this year and maybe 4 days end of this year? Maybe the new definition of home is Wollongong now. How pathetic. And it has been a while since I last talk to anyone in Taiping except my mum. Guess friendship has long distance too.

Sometimes I wished that time stops,
because I don't want to leave you;
and sometimes I wished that time goes faster,
because I can't wait to see you.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

That bloody grain of rice

Yes as what my title has said, there was this stubborn grain of rice that gone into my nasal passageway or somewhere in there while I was eating/chatting excitedly with Allen about angpao money. (Apparently Taiwan's market price is at least RM100, and I was saying I shall visit him during CNY to earn some money.) And yeah serves me right, shallow-money-minded-eating-too-quickly me.

And I have been blowing my nose and coughing hardly for the whole day, even tried to google about solutions, and tried sniffing pepper to make myself sneeze but ended up sucking pepper into my nostrils and didn't sneeze. I guess sneezing is really a reflex and I can't control it. Gosh, who is going to take my grain of rice out for me?

OK anyway my day was hyper today. I woke up bloody early in the morning to go to my 1st research group meeting with the academics, my professors and his PhD students. It was initially an terrifying experience as I was a little-nobody undergraduate that doesn't know a thing, but then my supervisor introduced me and said 'Welcome to out team!' (was so easily affected by team spirit). OK anyway I am going to spend the next few months of my life working for him as his concubine (well I used to say that because I kept waiting for my other supervisor last session, its like a concubine standing by 24 hours just to wait to get into an affair) Alright back to the topic I am actually a research assistant, involve in a research investigating lipids in human lenses, and I am going to extract human lens! Woot's hyper, always happy to play around with human parts :P

I am gaining access to the Illawara Health and Medical Research Institute (IHMRI) which basically only open its access to medical school students or bio/chem postgrads doing research. The building is brand new! Just finished its construction last month and I was like a thrilled little kid being brought to the playground for the 1st time. And they had a hot chocolate machine there, giving me enough reason to like it. I will have a cuppa every hour then maybe :P

And then S and I went to the gym, doing body burn class, so bloody tiring running up and down doing aerobics on the Reebok step. And I think at some point we looked like a frog stepping on that platform.

Alrighty, thats basically some real updates about my life recently, and I gained weight! Happy person gain weight right ;P Gotta sleep, have to work tommorow! hope all goes well and I get paid nicely :)


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm glad

I found you
when I fell out of love, when I thought I am not capable of loving anymore.
the chemistry was too strong, it was undeniable. it was hard to ignore, and although we both tried to, we did not succeed, and instead resulted in a much stronger bond.
we are complimentary for each other, you are talkative, but i am far more talkative. you listen to my rants, my stories, my bitchy gossips, and i laugh at your stupid jokes, your little words, and your dreamy mumbles before you fall asleep.
i am spontaneous but you think too much, it works out that i drag you out of your unnecessary worries, and you stop me from rushing into things.
we were never very romantic, no flowers, no presents, no surprises, therefore no affectation. and then i learn to appreciate what comes from the heart, the most fundamental things like love, care and your sincere smile. not to forget your touched expression whenever i cook for you. i then remember what love tastes like, when there is no artificial ingredients added to it. 
we get along easily. we can just talk for the whole day, sing for the whole trip, sometimes we debate about things, and sometimes we just enjoy each other's company in silence when we are busy. 
you are like a friend, a mentor, whom i could easily spill my secrets to. you don't judge, and you listen tentatively even if i was talking about my past relationships. and then you tell me you understand how hard it is, and how bad it feels. with you, i could easily be me, and be truthful with my feelings, i don't need to be shy, and there is nothing to be embarrassed about, even when i have my stinky hair (like everyday), or telling you my feelings, or waking up drooling. you accept me just the way i am. and you love me without make up.

with you, everything seems so simple. being happy is simple.

i am lucky to have found you , and you said its like you have waited so long to have finally found me. you are about as lucky to have found me too. 

and then we would have laughed at how amazing it is, where we were born 7 years and 3090.67 kilometers apart, and we both traveled across the hemisphere and finally met at this little place, then fell madly in love. I can't deny but admit that it is fate. we are fated for each other, at this moment of life.

and today, is a special day to remember how we got together month ago.


Everytime I see you all the rays of the sun 
Are streaming through the waves in your hair 
And every star in the sky is taking aim at your eyes 
Like a spotlight 

The beating of my heart is a drum and it's lost 
And it's looking for a rhythm like you 
You can take the darkness from the pit of the night 
And turn into a beacon burning endlessly bright 
(Making love out of nothing at all - air supply)

Thursday, August 5, 2010


也許會 笑著哭 但那人是你所以 不怕 苦


就算 心在痛 淚在流

因為 我有你。