Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pre-holiday mood

I was kinda in a holiday mood ALREADY.
Despite the fact that I have Organic Chem on Wednesday.
LAST PAPER~ woohoo~!

The subject that I am most afraid of,seriously I haven't start studying yet.
Its me u know, I always give myself excuses like if you study too early u tend to forget everything.
Right.And I will get chicken the night before,
regretting for not studying more.
and bugging baby ask him how how how...
and he will answer me :"you never study for SPM also wert, but you still get straight ones"
"yea lar,last time you were watching dramas everytime I called you"
"ohhh"..then I will feel super confident and go to sleep (when I am supposed to study more)

Damm it, that's my attitude, and I can't change.
I knew uni is DIFFERENT.
totally DIFFERENT and I can't get that lucky escaping everytime.
No such thing as last minute should be in my dictionary anymore.

Got a parcel from Chester again, thanks uncle,
he sent me "Little Nyonya" DVDs.
and the whole unit started watching..episodes after episodes.
Yes, aren't we suppose to be studying?

Sarah were studying in the living room one day, and suddenly I saw something huge flew pass.
I was like, IS THAT A DUCK?
And I ran outside.

Can you imagine how superb are aussie ducks?
They are so fat and yet they can fly 3 floors high!

Trying to get away from study.
Sorry for that ugly tissue stucking in my nose,
I am having a flu at that time and guess what,
the tissue is actually full of blood instead of the yucky mucous.
Sarah said I studied too hard, lol.
And the endless eating during study break blew up my face, aha.

And everyday, Sarah and I will be praying for the exams to be over.
Our bond became realllly "intimate" because of the exams.
Cuz others have finished their exam way way too early (not fair at all!)
And both of us have to survive till the last week =(

Just can't wait for the exams to be over this week and we are going to
Babe's trip =)

Counting down the days to freeeeeeedom~!

and yah,
Happy Fathers Day to all great daddies on earth!
No one shall beat my greatest papa~

2 years back during daddy's birthday,
i m missing my coconut hair now.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

2 Hours 40 minutes

to my first exam.
BMS202 Physiology.

Shits, I am feeling nervous.
I even kept thinking of the things I learnt when I sleep.
and I woke up incredibly early but I snug under my blankie till the alarm rang.

What should I do now?
Keep studying?

What I fear is coming after the exam.
Friday BioChem
Saturday Inorg Chem
and guess what, I am not prepared for those two

I wish I could make myself concentrate and study
I have to cram all those in my brain in 1 day.

Jo - the last minute queen.
Mum knows that.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I know...

Looking for the above female,
whom believed to be missing for a week,
and do not surprise to find her eating,
and her body size expanding.

I have been MIA for ages...
What to do?
busukfeel sick even thinking of it

Me and Sarah getting crazy,
super hyper everyday,
and we started chatting for like 3 days,

We seriously can chat THAT LONG.

Even 2am in the morning, we are STILL EATING.
We eat every 2 hours?
I think we have binge eating disorder.
due to the stress?
Or studying makes people really hungry?
Guess the diet plan fails,

and the bloody

They are bugging me!!

10 more days!

p/s: I got 95% for my CHEM211 quiz!!I did it!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Party Nights -- Shin's bye bye 19


(Continued from the last post, Its gonna be---legen....Wait for it.....)

I made our pic look like purikura!
don't need to waste money, you can homemade ur sticker photo
proud of myself.

Why am I doing this?

tadaa, my birthday card for the bday girl.
I stayed up till 3am to do this babe!
sacrifice my 美容觉!

We went to Hotel Illawara,
the club was pack that night!
Probably its end of session so everyone just came out and party!
(in fact the exam is coming soon)

Steph and I

The Boy & I

I love Vodka Lime

158 unit mates
Steph, me & Sarah

My Gorgeous Sweetie Pie

When the clock stroke twelve,
someone was making her wish REALLY HARD.

Bye bye to the teens babe~!

Happy people =)

My birthday present for her,
Guess whats inside?

a) some newspaper
b) there is nothing inside, the paper bag is the present
c) used tissue papers

Be resourceful! You can eat cake with a straw.

Taiping people got tipsy pretty easily huh.

Well since I said her birthday its gonna be LEGENDARY,
AWESOME people like me have to keep my words!!!

So I made her 20th the best night ever!

by asking hot & cute angmohs to kiss her!

Ross and Andrew

They are actually phD students from uni, haha.

Well, there is a 3rd kisser but we think he is gay,
he refused to be taken a pic
and he said he is shy bla blabla for ages before he kissed her.
so not sporting.

of course tequilla shots for her.
Well I am planning to get her 2 but since she has to work the next day,
so I will help her drink one!
(actually I sendiri wanted to drink lar..)

queue queue queue



We heart tequillas!

Some random people hopped in while we were taking pics.


Let's take together!

And I told them its her birthday,
and they sportily kissed her!!!

See, thats what guys should act like.
Kiss #4 guy can speak mandarin!

Kiss #5 guy is an aussie indonesia mix!
See, I get hot guys for you babe!

And hot girls too! LOL.

Baby, me, Ross- my evil brother, Steph

Love the people, they are amazing,
even random strangers!

This is how u spell US

So what answer did u guess???
(you should read the card, it says:

Obviously COOL people took the biggest portion of a picture,
But you can still feel the
of some people even they hid half their faces!!!

By Jo, the awesome.

OK thats what Pinnie and I got for her.
She desperately need a bag,
and since she had been craving for this RL tote for ages,
We are fulfilling ur dream now!!!!
we are awesome right?

But still I am MORE AWESOME because I went all the way to Sydney to buy it and I made the MOST AWESOME birthday card she had ever received!

We didnt stayed for long,
2 hours and we all went home~

The babes outside Hotel Illawara

Hoped you enjoyed ur 20th Birthday babe =)


Next Up:
Friday Night

Final Fling
Theme: Nerds and Geeks

Stay tuned =)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Its gonna be...

**was supposed to post this yesterday**

I thought I did never see Samantha Vega ever again!!

I went to uni this morning and while I was paying, I realised my Samantha Vega heart shape chain that used to hang outside my bag was missing!
I had been anxious throughout the whole lecture, and once the lecture was done I flew out and traced back all the way I came from.
Search, Search and Search.
It fell off yesterday too with a loud sound, and I hung it back.
It must be my fault today! Having my earphones on too loud,
so when it fell I didn't hear it, or perhaps it fell at a soft ground.
I traced all the way back home.
Roads, buses.

And LUCKY ME found it right at my unit's door steps!!!!

Its my birthday present from small Yuko,
I couldn't bear to lose it!

Alrights here you go, be good and stay there forever.


God has let me know something called the Photoshop Brush recently.

And I am addicted!

Beginner's work.

Its my dear S's 20th 4 hours later...
Gonna go to Hotel Illawara for her count down bday celebration,
stay tuned, I am sure its gonna be.....Legen----
Wait for it ......

Monday, June 1, 2009

Support Digi For Those who Love to Save

Found this on Nuffnang, and find it quite meaningful.
Digi is holding a charity by donating RM5 on every click on the banner
(every registered member gets to click once)

They are trying to raise RM150,000 in 30 days.
It has launched 3 days now and they have got almost RM17k!!

There are different organisation you can donate to,
environmental, health, social...

It doesn't cost you a thing,
Just CLICK on the banner, simple register procedures and you can help our nations!

It is a great opportunity for us far far away here to lend a hand to those back HOME.

I have created a little group called
Little Hearts
for all of you here,
lets click and see how much we can help!

I chose the the Malaysian Council for Child Welfare
as the organisation to donate to
as I think every child should have grown up healthy and happy.

By clicking the banner,
you help to promote the well-being of children.
Your support will help programmes promoting child health, education, safety and the development of child friendly areas.

Now is there any reason to say NO?