Monday, March 31, 2008

Life During Easter Break - part 2

(The 1st part of this blog is after the "Oz life part 2" due to the date i save the draft)
Easter break activities:
Hanging out with friends~

Jo and Mana at the mall

I look so yellow compared to her!!!

My cute friends at CE after forcing Haru to put make up by us..

His new name : Haruko-chan!!!hahah

Jo and Ping from Thailand

Am i gonna become an alchoholic??

In games room playing some childish games~

Shin's place 29/3

Bought these stuff when shopping with shin in da mall

$5 shorts, hand cream, sunblock, instant noodles and nissin stolen from her place..

Doing nothing in her room...her room seems big but actually its not =P

I like this Michael costs RM4500++...haha


The backyard of Mayo,shin's place

I look so pale =.=

The pet dog there,SUMO!!!

I miss him terribly...

She killed the dog!

Step Step Step...

Dear Sumo..terribly cute but a bit dirty =P

Saturday, March 29, 2008

my home made cookies...

my kor suddenly reminded me : when am i baking my cookies???
opps..COOKIES??i bought the choc chips last 2 weeks,planning to bake it for easter..and now?
easter is over and the choc chips r still in the cupboard...
so i decided to bake it before the break ends!!!!
1st, mix all the ingredients together lor..
the ugly looking dougharrange it into the tray...
into the oven baking~
the baked onces...the shape is so home made!
my chocolate chips cookies are finally done~

hmmm...what can i say is..YUMMY...hahhaa..i love my 1st attempt choc chips cookies..feel like posting some back to bby...his ney is becoming a better and better housewife now~haha...worth to marry ad =P

Friday, March 28, 2008


1.55am 28.3.08

Finally finish drafting my BMS103 essay..phew...feel so is Friday now...2 more days and holiday is going to end..WHY????time passes too fast during holiday...I slept at 4am almost everyday...staying up late for??hmm..i forgot...i have been spending all my time playing around, watching drama, (yeah i finished The Seventh Day) and..slacking??

Today is the 1st day i study!!luckily i still know how to study..hahah...finished my chem tuts in the afternoon...hmm..feeling that my chem is becoming worse..i should do more practise..and went to work at 5.00pm..its not that busy today..and there are so many of us working!so we just chit chat while working..had a nice chat with Frann...i got only $ 31 today..whatever..its my hard earn money..and i will spend it before i realise it!!!after i came back from work,shower quickly and started to study anatomy..anatomy sucks!!!!!!!but what to do...changed my MSN personal message to " hypnotising myself : i luv anatomy!" thats what the teacher says in I Not Stupid..U need to love it before u master it..feel very tired after studying..thats the magical effect of anatomy...u feel tired,depressed,and wana give up whenever u study it!

Finally finish revisioning my 2nd practical,the appendicular skeleton...its just 2nd..nth to be happy of...because i have to memorise thousands of names...sigh...talked to bby for a few minutes...its good to have him to talk to..he gives me energy to continue...n of course miss source of energy~ tried hard to start the 3rd prac, arthology - joints...but after staring at it for a few minutes..i decided to do something else...

so i took out all the information and journal articles of my BMS103 essay...know whats the title??
Scarsdale,Atkins and Zone - Which one and why if any?
it sucks..i know..hahaha...but i just have to do the Zone part...its a group essay..i dunnno whether my group members started or not,its due in week 8!!!whatever..i wrote 400+ words and stopped...its almost done!!!or i just take it as done!!haha..watever...

i have so many to write about easter..i will write it the nextime i remember i have a blog!haha =)

Life During Easter Break - part 1 Easter Show

Went to Easter Show on 24.3.08...took the train from Fairy Meadow Station,reach central around 1pm and transit to Sydney Olympic Park...Its the first time I go to Easter show since I am here because I went back to Malaysia last year...very excited!!!

From left behind: Haru, Ivan

Shin, Sarah, Max, Mana



(Stephanie holding the camera)

We went to eat lunch there..I had a fish and chips..and its really just FISH and CHIPS..nothing else..haha...and we walked around,went to the theme park..there are so many stalls and games..just like the fun fair in Malaysia..but its much more larger...Steph and I wanted the Bart Simpsons so badly,so we tried to look for the stalls that can win Bart...but...hahah..v end up paying a lot and win nothing~ok...hahaha...

Shin n Jo at the theme park the sun is too hot!Free beer tasting yeah
I got my showbag..costs me $18.50
Some Aussie police ride horses instead of or weird?
Took pic with NSW police =) (sampat)
Everybody snatch the lemonade..its damm yummy!!!

Before going back posing at the exit

Went to Sydney for Korean BBQ after that..the pan is too hot,have to cover the face~

The contents of my Elmo showbag

We took the 10++ train and reach Campus East around 1++..and the worst thing is I wanted to go to the toilet but the toilet on the train is out of i have to tahan all the way back...i got my lesson..haha~its a wonderful trip!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Oz life - part 2


life in uni is so so so so BUSY...u need to spend so many extra time for private study..and u have to find out the deadline urself..or u will have assignments due without u even noticing it... =.="

so I am living in tension everyday..hahaha...but i dont think i am that hardworking though..i m still very very lazy person...blek!

My piles of text book and a measuring 30cm ruler..

Picasso ice chocolate with savior for the 5 hours continuos lecture!
SS-ing during my damm yummy..oyishii~~~
Jo in the liba...shin's photography skills...hmmm..hmmm....

Previously i mentioned i have long hours liba is my leisure place to go..haha..i go there to take pictures..listen mp3..n study!!ahaha...because anatomy is really too tough..everytime i go there its just ANATOMY!!!

As Anatomy textbook n pencil case since form 3 and my Pilot Shaker since form 1!!!!my beloved Mplayer..and the Vita "Kam Kat Ling Mong" nice~
Oppss..its my study table back in my room~still anatomy...and my beloved laptop..
Jo's tiring look in the anatomy lab..(the lab coat is different from the chem n bio 1)
U can't blame me..I have 8.30 class - 8 hours break - and 5.30 anatomy lab class!
Went there earlier to do private study ^^

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Oz Life - part 1

Its Easter soon~!I have decided to write my 1st blog in 2008...telling my stories in aussie~~~
Ok..I am a 1st year student in Bachelor of Medicinal Chemistry,from the Faculty of Science, University of Wollongong..Med Chem is basically doing stuff like inventing medicine or stuff like that..haven got really in depth into it now..I am doing 4 subjects this session:
Systemic Anatomy - the toughest subject i ever had.i have to rember all the small parts of the human body in the 1st & 2nd lesson,i have 500 names to remember already!!but in this subject i get the chance to look and utilise the real human parts(cadavaric materials)..haha..i just hold and study the hands n legs of a dead person..and the bone of the whole body...but sometimes i do feel sick when i start imagining..and the parts don't look attractive!

My anatomy textbook and prac book..the heaviest text book ever!

This is what I have to learn..something interesting coming up =)

No guy could have ever think of their reproductive system being dissected like this...haha..

I wish I don't need to study so detail about this!Its so embarassing!

Chemistry 101- hmm...i dunno what to say about this subject..i love chemistry...but learning new stuff..should be something simmilar to form 6 i think..haha..i should ask ju to teach me!

Human Health,Nutrition and Exercise - this lecture is so boring..i really try hard to concentrate n concentrate..but my mind just flies off somewhere...haha..learning the exercise part at the moment,and its over..fuyoh so happy~!

Evolution,Biodiversity and Environment - this is mainly the ecology part of biology..i dunno y i choose this..v need to do 2 reports, (1 on nest and 1 on seed), and INSECT project~!have to catch 15 insects each from at least 5 orders..and v have to provide biological u cant catch it when its crawling or flying..u have to catch it when its doing something important like eating, on..but when it comes to theory its so damm boring~

Sample about the insect project I need to do

My nest project!I made it myself from a tennis ball!

Its me in my Biology lab!!

Basically my timetable sucks...I have 8.30 class everyday except tuesday..and then I have long hours break...They say this is what 1st year students usually have!!!!!What a lame reason~!