Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nigel A Taylor

I checked my SOLS mail this morning,
and received a message from Nasty.

He is Nigel.
But he call himself nasty.
Why? No idea.

Some friends of mine might have heard of
The Legend of Nigel.

He is my Physiology II subject coordinator and lecturer.
He had an eye operation last week and we had to cancel two lectures.
He said he will try to replace the class but chances are low
thanks to our hectic timetable.
If then, we do not need to be examined on the lectures that he missed!

The message says:
FROM: nasty
TITLE: BMS 202: Lectures and exams

Good news, good news, good news and good news.
Pirates are still cool!
Make-up lectures are impossible due to your busy schedules.
You will be advised in the exam (sheet provided) which questions not to answer. Wohoo!
I will not have to mark them. Wohoo!
See you Monday.

He is hilarious.

Once we were on a lecture about the elastic fibers in the arteries.
And he started saying something like:
Elastic fibers are like UNDERPANTS.
When you pull them,
It is suppose to recoil back itself.
hmm..not really,
because my wife's underpants don't do that.
She has been wearing them for 10 years.
She likes wearing underpants that drops till her ankle.
flop flop flop.

And me and Mel laughed out really loud.

We had a lecture about respiration after that.
He said:
Guys from Dapto(He always uses Dapto as example)
always try to impress girls by staying in the water without breathing
Anyone that stays the longest will win.
In fact,
Girls actually hoped that they will never come up anymore.

After a few weeks,
We had a lecture on muscle contraction.
He said :
A smart and handsome guy like me is trying to impress
girls by lifting weights.
But that is not impressive enough,
I jumped on the table,
jumped down from the table
and tried to lift the weight.
My underpants fell down!

Because I am wearing my wife's underpants.

And he asked:
Anyone wants to see my underpants?
Put up ur hands.

(The reason I am putting a fullstop instead of a ! is because he really said it in that serious tone,he never laugh or smile when he are telling his jokes!)

And me and Mel burst out into laughter again,
because earlier before the lecture starts,
I asked Mel,
did he say anything more about his wife under pants?

Before the lecture ended,
Nigel gave a short brief about the exams.
And he asked if we had any questions.
Everybody was quiet,
he suddenly said

"so no one wants to see my underpants?"

Now you see why UOW is ranked number 1 in Australia for teaching.
They know how to keep their students awake!
I didn't make up stories,
check yourselves
Ausitaleem-Australian Education website

UnlockingJo'ssecret diary proudly presents:

Assoc Prof. Nigel A Taylor

even looking at him makes you smile


Making Bak Chang Day

As asians that are trapped here down under,
especially a small town that doesn't have a chinatown,
festivals back home are what we really miss.

It was duan wu jie a few days ago,
and all of us are reallllly craving for bak chang,
so we decided to make our own bakchang for the very first time!!!

Steph & Sarah concentrating wrapping the bak chang

Christine and I showing off our 1st successful bak chang!
Phew, wrapping bak chang is not as easy as we thought!

Thanks to Sarah teaching us how to wrap!

After what seems like forever,
Shin finished her first bak chang.
And they said she is making a grenade instead of bak chang.

Cramming in our unit's living room.

I fried those!!hahas..
I know, not enough dark soy sauce,
and not enough salt!!
The bak chang ended up not salty enough, so have to add soy sauce ourselves =.=

Team work!

Half of the bak chang we made,
The Malaysia version bak chang which is dark.
Sarah made those white bak chang.

Greedily eating the leftover meat and peanuts,
accumulating adipose tissues.

Boiled for an hour and finally....

YESH, the bak changs are done!! yumm yumm.

Christine posing with her nicely pyramidal bak chang

Randomly picking up one, and I got Sarah's white bak chang,
eat it with sugar, yumm!
At least our bak chang looked like bak chang,
although it doesn't taste that much..haha

God I made tau hua too!!
Such a talented cook I am, despite I splash half the soy milk when I am supposed to
"pour the soy milk in vigorously" according to the recipe.
Anyway it turns out nice!!!..hahaha

I am missing the taiping tau hua now =(

**nice cooking experience**
I love cooooooking~

OK this is not related to bak chang.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I received this early morning!
Did you see that?

it says


As a coach VIP somemore..

makes me so wana fly to Sydney straight away!
I would have!
Luckily I still have some concious
I know I don't have money to buy!

That kinds pull me back to the reality.
Its real torture......

Coach Coach Coach
I am going to bring you home some day!

nights, sweetest dreams.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Campus East International Food Fair 2009!

YES, here comes the big annual event for CE,
a yummm one...
Last year's IFF
Although we only have a few Malaysians in CE,
we had decided to make lotsa stuffs,
of course with the help of other Malaysians off campus.
They are hell good in cooking!!

Our Menu this year:
Bubur Cha Cha
Curry Puffs
Cucur Udang
Peanut Cookies
Bak Kwa

Well, all of you back home are very very lucky to have all this yummy delicacies,
where you can easily get from basically anywhere!

Poor us overseas students,
missing food from home terribily.

But lucky us gonna make them ourselves!!
I "O-ed" my mouth when I saw the menu,
I was like what?!!!
Bak Kwa also can make?!!

Actually all those are easy to make!
Just tell me if you want recipe kays?

OK lets start with Saturday,
We met at 1pm for our prep work to start.
I slept at 3am the night before and my dear S babe called me at 9 in the morning
hahas...she said she is having serious M pain,
she couldnt come....
so sad.
I don't want her to miss the fun!
Anyway take care babe ok.
Perhaps anyone has M pain solution to recommend to her.

Starting off by making peanut cookies,
I made a MALAYSIA from that,
which hmm..

Running around, attempt to fry the curry puffs fillings for a little while.
They didnt get the A1 curry paste for us.
End up using some Indian curry powder,
which doesnt taste that good.

Now you see how Bak Kwa is made.

Well there are heaps of photos,
in fact we took 250 photos!
But I am seriously LAZZZZYYY to upload them all.
Uploading all these took me like 4 hours already.!

Sunday - IFF
Shin still CMI,
so I am gonna enjoy the fun without u!


Lia and Jeannie.
Frying curry puffs early in the morning.

Very ugly head net.

The Malaysian team with Pip, our RA.

Cam-sensitive enough.

Long queue at our stall.
Everyone is saying "the curry puffs are awesome!"
And kept coming back for more.
We made 200+, which is 8 trays,
and they are gone in 30 minutes!!!
Haha, that explains why I don't have time to snap a picure of it..
No la..I was busy frying them,
so where do I get time to take pics?

Our home made chicken bak kwa!

My nicer version of MALAYSIA peanut cookies.

The cucur udang, we even grind the chili sauce ourselves!!

Bubur Cha Cha!

Well, despite serving, we gotta hang around at other stalls too!
to try out other countries food!
We had around 20 countries that day,
but none of them made as much as we do!

Food from all over the world!

Not enough! Hunt for more!

French crepe, I adore.

B n J

my fav pic! cuz I looked hyper.
hehe, Imagining myself advertising Coke.

They are my all time mates.
Yuko, Steph, Kayco, Christine

I actually scalded my hand during the curry puff frying!
From baby's thongs!
Maybe a cosmetic surgery or

Christine's cheki cheki!!!
OMG I am sooo in love with it,
I wana get one tooooo!!!
Its cheap in HK!

Kampung girl happily seeing the pics transforming.

We asked for the aussie flag to camwhore with.

Hot babes down under!

Pip & I

I presented Yuko a "Y" and we made a Y ourselves~

YES, besides food there is cultural show too!
Just hand around for a bit,
all the people are singing lol.

Everyone knows him, he basically attracts WAY TOO MUCH attention
from his LOUD speaking, exaggerating actions and saying HI to everyone.
He is my course mate.
I have never spoken to him before.
And he sent me a request on Fb saying
"Hello Jo, I am the legendary student of CE and UOW, I see you in chem everytime"
How narcisst could he be?

The crowd watching the "gig"

James baby boy, walking here and there in front of the cam with the thongs.
See, I am not the only camwhore freak!

Its a perfect memory =)

♥ , Jo