Friday, February 27, 2009

1st week back @ down under

Here comes the jo back in down under!
Have been back for a while and it was a huge huge week!
Our A380 arrived at Sydney Airport at 7.30am on Monday ang I managed to reached campus east only at 11am!And my job training starts exactly at 11am!
Can you imagine me,with tonnes of luggage, not having 2 good night sleeps, hungry stomic...BLOW.After I checked in, I "begged" some instant noodles from steph-yea my unit mate now- and I went to the bloody training till 3pm!

GOSH. You won't know how my eyes were trying so hard to keep themselves open.
And my brain hardly functioned, at all.

OK well what's my job? I m a Study Group Coordinator back in Campus East. Basically facilitating study group for CHEM101.

PHEW. Have been loitering around in uni too, taking some freebies out of the Orientation week stalls, managing my student exchange stuffs, buying books..Well, it feels good to get back on track, being a uni student again.

And yeah I have moved out of my old unit, "called the slums" and I am now in my very new building, new room!!!woohoo! big study table with shelves and big big closet. Brand new, and I can view a little bit of the ocean from here! ARE YOU EXCITED?! well sharing with 4 other girl mates, whom all I knew. great!

OK and there is something that I MUST SAY.

I went shopping yesterday, to get a new pair of thongs as the sole of my old one is FLAT.
And it took me so bloody long to think if I am suppose to buy this new pair of Hawaianas Logo as it costs 25bucks. damm it, it is 60+ ringgit. So after trying and testing and trying for about 30 minutes, I have decided to get it! haha, baby says I should just get it, my old pair of flip flops are really worn out and he said I should wear this for my whole undergrad life!haha..

I saw a flyer around about Clinique, and I GOT SO EXCITED!
you can ask bby how excited I was that I almost flew upstairs to get them!!!

I have bought this two things that costs 75 in total, a make up remover cleanser and an oil control gel (it is working real well, I have put it on this morning and my T-zone hardly emits oil like last time!well done clinique!)..

Let me tell you whats all these, from the left:

Colour Surge Eyeshadow Duo in Straberry Fudge and Blusing Blush in precious Posy

Liquid Facial Soap Mild 50ml

Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion 30ml

Take the Day Off Makeup Remover for Lids, Lips & Lashes 30ml

Repairwear Intensive Eye Cream 7ml

City Block Sheer Sunblock SPF25 15ml

High Impact Mascara in Black 4g

Long Last Glosswear in Air Kiss 4g

and last but not least the cosmetic bag!

SEE!!!only spend 60 bucks and you get all these!Only in Aussie Myer I guess, cause I just bought Clinique at Jusco before I came, I bloody spent 400ringgit and they just gave me 2 small samples!!!!!OMG I Love MYER offers!

I was so excited and I told Steph and Shin about it and they are like,
girls...haha...going nuts with great deals!

Gotta continue with my Gossip Girl.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Last Days at HOME

Pack pack packkkkk! Busy packing these days, dealing with all the going-back stuffs, buying neccessities, meeting friends, etc etc. Life's hectic. phew.

Its getting better this time though, cuz its the 4th time packing, so not much stuffs to bring as most of my stuffs are in aussie. I just got to know that I am staying with my friends in the new unit i desired!!yuhooo..that's why i am SO looking forward to my new room!

well...there is nothing much to write about now i guess..nothing big really happens..

i will update soon i guess..before i fly perhaps?

anyway, all the best to me, and my buddies everywhere. i miss you all.

p/s: very moody these days. seriously moody.

Monday, February 16, 2009

in love ♥ the valentines

Happy Saint Valentines Day!
Yeah It's 2 days later, but still I can feel the sweetness and romance in the air.
My vday was a memorable one, it was a real happy day.

Well, we had a lot of plans before vday, but we finally decided to go to penang for some shopping as we are soon going back to aussie *together*
baby gotta get all his stuffs ready.

I was supposed to get my textbook from a shop there but I freaking called like 3 times from 9am to 11am but NOBODY ANSWERED.
Well I thought they don't open their shop on saturday, but they just called me today and told me they did!ishk.whatever, another chance to go to penang I guess =P

Went to Queensbay mall, they weren't as many people as I have expected.
We got a parking very soon and off we went to the starting point of our vday journey!

I gave baby a shaver, some people are like "what?shaver??"
Whats so wrong with shaver??LOL.I just don't understand.
Its our 4th valentines together and we had given each other all the classic pressies,
shirt, belt, wallet, chocs, roses, cards, handmade stuffs etc..
and he is a dumb dumb that always cut himself when he shaves,

We didn't really shop much, just enjoying the lovey dovey feeling in the mall,
seeing couples hands in hands, hugging, wearing couple tees...

Free rose from F21. haha..great deal right? but there are some kia su people, they even called their friends, asking them to come, ONLY TO GET THE ROSES. btw i think the hat is cool.

Baby were snapping pics of me until we were told off by a staff.. haha, I wonder how the other people manage to camwhore without any obstacles?

Soon it was lunch time, baby said he wanted to bring me to TBowl.
The restaurant which has a toilet, perhaps shower room theme.

We gotta sit on the toilet bowl and the tables are the basins.

Shower heads on the wall.

Our baked cheese rice in a toilet bowl.
Mum once told me that ruined her appetite.

Well the classic one.
Its called 一笃*屎 (don't remember the word in between)
It really looks like a piece of shit, oh well maybe a stack of shits?

Mum said she doesn't understand how can I eat them.

Scrapping the last bits and pieces off the toilet bowl.

We did not wear couple tee that day but somehow I think our clothes matches =)

The dessert, named as honeydew bubblebath, maybe. I have forgotten.
It was supposed to be in a longbath-liked bowl but it turned out to be this.

Walked around after lunch..Did some shopping.
baby got his adidas shoes and I got a vincci one.

And then off we go to EAT again.
I am such an super eater.

Well just got a scoop of cookies & choc from Haagen Dazs.
Hell expensive. We wanted to order the choc fondue but its too much for us.
But damm, the price is worth the taste.

Bby said people were giving out free cornettos on the other side.

Both of us were pretty tired so we decided to leave early.
We booked a table at SSL Traders Hotel back in Taiping.
Baby asked if I wanted to cancel that booking and go to G Hotel instead.
sounds nice. but I am lazy to go all the way to gurney and found out that it's fully booked.
so, final decision -- Taiping ♥

Got an esprit go-to-school bag.
It costs RM40 originally.
But I had a RM30 voucher and the membership card.
and finally the bag costs
RM 5.90

JO the very great at good deals person.
Everyone who knows me should know.

Finally back in Taiping.
Looking forward to the candle light dinner.
Bby said he never expected we only got to eat it after 4 years.

I told him nextime we shall cook our own candle light dinner.
♥ promised ♥
He insisted that I took a pic with the heart shape couch.

The settings in the restaurant is nice.
Heart shaped ballons on every table.
A Flower & A candle.

Love is in the air feeling. It was downstairs.
You can see families having dinner, kids chattering.
Not that romantic.

Luckily we were at upstairs.
Only couples, with more privacy.
More romance in the air.

Camwhored while waiting for the dinner.

Our menu that night

The appetizer.
It was very nice.


Dear's main dish

Mine - fishy fishy

Very tempting dessert?

The ♥ey dovey us

You can see how awesome that soup is.
We both even felt like licking the plate!

The chocolate brownie.
nice to see, not very nice to eat.
the brownie is too dry. I just had half.

We finished dinner around nine-ish.
Everything is great. I love you baby.
The best gift this valentines is

♥ being with you ♥

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Did some casual photoshoot at lake gardens with my friend today.
Stay tuned.

and HAPPY VALENTINES to everybody
hugs and kisses

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Very belated Happy Niuu Year

Yes I know it's late...
Its real late...
SO WHAT?hahaha..still new year wert...
and obviously with my absence here, I am way tooo busy with my life back home...

What so BUSY??
Hanging out with friends (not really)..
well, I am veeryyy busy with my baby..
finally, after I last saw him 3 months ago...

and hair is longer and his is shorter..

I just like him the way he is.
Cute and stupid.

Glued.He was drunk.