Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Little Gift

Happy Valentines :)
Stayed up till 4am yesterday night to finish this off.
Worked on it for 4 hours @@.
(and wasted 3 hours trying to figure out the uploading problems)

Anyway its nothing big,
just a simple gift for baby.

What Will Be Will Always Be

Thanks for all those friends who cared, there is nothing I can do now except WAITING.

Life's full of worries.

I called the German Uni's officer today and she was very very very nice, she was offering me as much help as she can, she asked for the embassy fax's number because she said she will sent a letter there and try and see if it helps. Thanks Elzbieta :) We have tried to find out a few ways to solve this problem. If I can get over there before 8th of Sept which is before the German course starts, I would be able to join. Or else I would have to go for the extensive one during Oct when I start my research in the uni. Well of course I hope to go to the Intensive one MORE as I will get to know more people..

I prayed to god yesterday,silently. Well it's kinda last minute, wahaha seriously I am like that. Hopefully my prayers will be heard. Anyway, that's life isn't it? When you walk out from the nice little cosy arms of your parents, you learn to deal with things and problems yourself. Its just anytiime you feel like falling, they will always stretch out their arms for you.

But I believe there will be sunshine, if this road is blocked, why not try another path?

Monday, August 24, 2009

You know what you deserve from a call from the embassy?

I know life is full of obstacles but CAN I CHOOSE NOT THIS TIME??

I just received a call from the German Embassy, and YES THE PEOPLE WORKING IN THE EMBASSY ARE F**KING RUDE AND UNHELPFUL.

Emassy officer:Hello is that Miss Jo Ann?

Me : Yes?

E.O : Oh I would like to inform you that your visa will not be ready by this week, so you don't need to come and collect your visa.

Me: (WTH) Errr.. But I am flying next week, so what can I do?

E.O : There is nothing you can do, just wait for our call when your visa is ready. The german authority has break the 4 weeks waiting rule. Or you can fly to germany first, but once your visa is ready you have to fly back and collect.

Me: (Dunno what to do, so helpless) Well, the German uni once told me that I can actually enter Germany first and register the residence permit there.


Me : (wahlau, so scared) oo..k.. So I can enter Germany without a visa first?

E.O : (still with the f**king annoying impatient voice) Didn't I just told you that you can fly into germany first but once the visa is ready you have to fly back immediately!!!!!

Me: OK OK.Thanks Bye.

What the f**k!!! I think that person is a Malaysian lor, she doesn't have those accent. She can speak fluent german too.SO now I OWE YOU lar?? AFTER I PAID 400++ bucks to do the visa, and you can't explain in a better way?? Its not the first time ad, when I called a few times before I did my visa application they too treat me with that kind of attitude. WHAT KIND OF STUPID ATTITUDE IS THIS? Another senior which has this kind of experience once told me she had experienced this kind of unfriendliness too.

SO NOW I THOUGHT THE EMBASSY IS SUPPOSE TO OFFER HELP FOR THOSE WHO WANTS TO GO TO THE COUNTRY. LIKE I AM GOING TO SPEND IN YOUR COUNTRY AND I DESERVE THAT SHIT. I don't care what nationality of whoever that works in there, if I know everything I wouldn't need to call you ad lar.. Damm pissed!! After all the 1 Malaysia and everything, Malaysians ought to treat OTHER MALAYSIANS like this. And ruddy hell, you are working in the embassy, a place that have to see people and serve people, don't you think you should at least practice some patience!

And that's what you deserve from a call from the embassy.

p/s: sorry for all the f**k, I am damm pissed off now!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Old" Friends

Sernwei texted me 2 days ago asking if I wanted to hang out.
After growing a lot of mushrooms at home, I finally get to step out of my house for a bit!
Went to Old Town with sw and kimyee.

We were all from HLCO (Hua Lian Chinese Orchestra), although I quitted half way, we still have endless crap and gossips about the teachers of HLCO. Reminds me of all the old times there. There are heap loads of memories there, sweet ones, bitter ones, happy ones, frustrating ones. CO is like a bif family, I had so much fun when I was in there. However when people grew more ambitious, conflicts and problems came along. And the training and practice times became really long, and Yuanne and I ended up giving up. Still remember that evil teacher scolded us when we handed in our letter.

Kimyee and I used to sit together in class during form 2 and we were really good at that time. I should thank her for training my cantonese with me, I can't speak any that time. And we used to sing a lot of Twins and bullying guys! Haha.

After sometime we got into some clique and stopped talking for a bit. However, that night we crapped a lot about last time..I know we might not be as friend as before but I am glad we are now on a more-than-hi-bye basis.
Sernwei used to be my "official godbrother" in CO as we had a "godbrother godsister programme" that time. He used to take care of me a lot in CO and thanks to him my CO days were awesome.

Still looked as young and skinny. HOW UNFAIR!

wernlin, me, sernwei, kimyee and yuanne.
We were each other's support during those days.

As we camwhored, the staffs in oldtown kept staring and giggling. Yeah I know we were abit off, we set auto-timer at the other table and even ran here and there to snap. LOL.

When I offered to snap them a pic they were so happy! So that's what they were staring at us for.

Sernwei suggested this "妈公仔" pose.
We used to call ourselves twins.haha.

Happy faces

I am now having the makeup-less days.. Lazy to make up in Taiping.

I am looking forward to more activities with my friends.



Monday, August 17, 2009

Time is ticking off

It came to a very very late confession where I actually broke my ODM watch baby gave it to me during our 2nd anniversary. It was 2 weeks ago when I went upstairs on a rush to grab my watch when the string broke and the watch went falling onto the floor. I heard a loud crack and guess what? The screen of my watch actually cracked. I was stunned for a moment or two and I felt a stab in my heart. I am really sorry my baby for not taking care of it enough where I easily let this kind of stupid accident happen.

I was sincerely hoping that I would be able to bring it back to the shop to fix it but the shop is in penang and I can't fix it then =( And now I have gone back to the watch-less days. Borrowing mum's guess watch at the moment. That is quite a pricey watch but mum said I can have it. OK. So now I am aiming for a watch when I next earned my salary. Still haven't got any idea yet, will try to browse through any nice watch I come across.

Anyway it was our 4th anniversary but baby wasn't here to celebrate with me. But I received a bouquet of roses when I got home that day. How sweet is my baby?
12 roses: Be My Steady

Sometimes I take things for granted. Sometimes when its long enough I don't realize how much you have been putting into the relationship. Everything you do I thought it was normal. But somehow a friend's word woke me up. She said how romantic he is, that he even bothers to give you surprises when 4 years have passed by. Yes, indeed. I have been expecting nothing at all. But it's you, that once more, making me feel as though it was yesterday when we first met, and rapidly falling with love. Thanks baby. Thanks for caring me, thanks for trying really hard in everything for a better future. I see it, and I feel it. I cannot promise anything forever but I can promise to play my part well as far as our hearts are concerned. I Love ya <3

Taiping has been raining every evening since three days ago, sometimes it even reaches the stage that it felt like a hurricane is shadowing the town. Some places have been affected by the torrential rain with trees falling and roof being blown. Though, comparing to what had happened in Taiwan this is nothing. May god bless all of them.

Mummy is still being quite paranoid about me going to Germany alone. Well can't help, with even Taiping h1n1's condition getting serious, she is really worried that what if I get infected there and I will be all alone taking care of myself. And she is really really worried that I have to manage everything after getting off from the plane where I have to carry my luggage finding the ways myself to the hostel. I have been warned which bus to take but well when everything is in German I doubt if I can guarantee I will not get lost. haha. May I be blessed when I am changing trains and buses and hopefully I will be able to read the map! Anyway that is an adventure to me :) Probably gonna be quite homesick over there I guess? Should probably get started with the packings, still some stuff to buy. And pin has been warning me about the discrimination. opps. Shall I blonde myself then? haha.

I believe things happen the way they are suppose to happen then.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Not very happening days

Crystal, pin, neng and I went to watch this movie after lunch at Mr.BBQ yesterday. Pin had been craving for Mr.Bbq since he came back, and we finally made it after 2 weeks..OK back to the movie, I shall say, its not worth watching it..haha..It is a story of aliens staying at District 9 and they have to reallocate them and one of the workers got infected. They had it in a documentary form so it was like watching discovery channel or something. We got restless by the middle of the movie..

Anyway I wanted to say, I won pin in the basketball machine in sentral!!!! Go back and train for another ten years before you challenge me lar...LOL.

Life had been normal except that I started to stay up till three these days, and woke up at like 12.30pm? LOL. I have been spending time reading the HP series and I just finished HP and the order of phoenix. I wonder why am I still addicted to HP this second time. Yes I cant deny that JK Rowling is aweeesome.

Well, I am currently enjoying my slacky days at home. Hopefully german embassy is quick enough to have my visa done, I don't want to end up rushing to KL right before flying.

p/s: S babe, I miss u!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A weekend in KL

Obviously I went to KL last weekend to apply for my German Visa.The whole family get to rest for a bit in KL. Stayed for a night in Westin so we definitely spent most of our time in Pavilion to do some shopping! End up dad left us and went back to the hotel and mummy and I shop together for hours and hours.

Tummy cant hide.

Went to Saisaki Jap Buffet for dinner. Its dad's all time favourite, we have to go for sure everytime we are in KL. They provide great variety of food including unlimited shashimiiii (yumm)!!

After dinner as we walked back to the hotel through Pavillion, we saw many people getting pretty excited in front of the newly built fountain in front of Pavillion snapping pics.
OK lor, as a tourist I got myself into snapping a few pics too..haha.

It is said to be the world tallest crystal (liu li) fountain.

I love my family =)

As it was still early, we went to chill at lecka lecka.

Bro wants shisha and he ordered the one with grape flavour,I was like OMG the grape one in Adelaide sucks man..However it turns out to be far far far better than the one in Adl, no smelly weird taste at all..hahaha..

Dad was telling me to blow it out through my nose..haha..
and I looked like some old pros..lols..

Wanted to go to Redbox but the price is quite expensive as it is the peak we stroll around for a bit and went back to the hotel as I have to wake up early early the next day to head for the german embassy.

Sammy and I overlooking Pavilion Residence.

Hopefully I will have more chance to walk around Malaysia before flying off again...