Sunday, April 27, 2008


Event : Paintball

Date : 26th April 2008

Time : 7.30 am - 12.30 am

Venue : Skirmish Paintball, Helensburgh

It is my first time playing paintball in my life!!I am so excited but on the other hand I am feeling scared because of pain..Here is how my 1st experience go~

Woke up at 5.45 am..Headed to Uni to gather and started our journey towards Helensburgh.
Saw many people at the paintball place, registered and went to queue to get uniforms.On the way there, there is a big piece of memoboard full of pictures on it,guess whats all the pictures? It is showing all the bleeding wound from paintball by those who played lastime!OMG,almost fainted.Kai said if i knew this earlier I would not have come!'s too late..

Me n Kai got out uniform..mine is the most special one..which makes it easier to be spotted later in the terrain!!

Patchies at my butt

After we got all out equipments, paintball guns and paintballs, we started to reload.i reloaded 200 paintballs into my gun and left the 100 paintballs pack into the bucket with MY NAME ON IT.My bro has told me that there will be paintball missing in the middle of the event because everybody got so excited and will just take some and reload so make sure we write our name on it. AND I WROTE and told others to do so but somebody say NO NEED, because everybody will know they have 1 more pack left..O-K!!

we went into the field,should be jungle though, that has almost 10 terrains to play.walked towards our 1st terrain, but in the middle of the road i am shot by a paintball that flied out from nowhere because we were walking pass all the dead zones of other terrains where people were firing.ITS PAINFUL..and we started our 1st game..fuiyoh..i didn't know that the group distribution is random by the mask, and i felt so sad because i am seperated from my CE members and part with those that i do not intend to part at 1st...WELL, no choice, you can't change the mask in the middle of the the game went on and we kept loosing..everybody dare not run out and the opposite team, CE and Koolobong people won all the way..i got shot most of the time..haha...its painful but once you got used to it its ok~and the pain inspire you to shoot!

after the 3rd terrain, we are so happy!cause we finally won..this time i am not afraid at all and ran all the way downwards and keep shooting so i finally ran out of bullets..when i wanted to reload,that shit thing happen..THE BULLETS ARE GONE!!and many of us didn't even reloaded once!THIS REALLY PISSED ME OFF!!!THOSE USELESS PEOPLE FELT NOTHING AT ALL BECAUSE THEY TOOK OUR BULLETS!!i know they might not intend to take our bullets or might inaccidentally took it,or just take it on purpose,whatever,but i knew this would happen from the start and i already told them to take the precaution step and they said no need!damm frustrated!!!!!i still got a few bullets that left and played the Mexican Shooting game where both team stand facing each other in a line and everybody can shoot once,those being shot are then eliminated.Such a big challenge,standing there and let people shoot...of course,i amd being shot then..and i shot nobody with my lousy skills..

went to lunch after that...all of us from CE shared to buy bullets to continue playing..many of our team members just quit the game because they are out of bullets and we changed team mates..i finally got to join my CE friends in a team which makes things so much better!!!!we enjoyed the 2nd half of the game so much!!!

1 of the terrain was There will be a GENERAL wearing a green vest and the opposite team has to shoot the general's knee-to-foot part to win,and the general has to run across from 1 side to another to win.the 1st round blue team managed to win, and the BLUE GENERAL APPOINTED ME TO BE THE GENERAL!!!hahaa....ok..just aim at me and shoot and i will be running like hell to go to the next is very exciting though...when i was covering myself over the bush,the opposing team found me and started shooting at me..bullets swooped pass me and finally Steven shot 1 bullet right on my lucky!!and i am dead..hahaha....

got to the last terrain in the fort...after that we still have bullets left and we played the free-for-all game where you just shoot anybody untill your bullets ran out..that was the most exciting part because most of the people ran out of bullets already and left some CE friends and Koolobong friends..It's more fun to play with friends and we shoot at each other like crazy!hahaa...Sergiel was crazy, he stood in the middle without any cover and shoot, and of course so many guns aiming at him shooting...he finally ran in and showed me all his paint and his fingers were swelling...i gave him and Max some of my bullets to play and they used them to shoot back at ungrateful..because we were the only ones that left...haha..the game was so fun!

Finished around 12.30pm...Overall the game was fun!!and i wanted to play again with them!!!

Don't Challenge me, i SHOOT

CE army

Koolobong army

Showing off their wound

Group photo

My Wound~

Went to Baldhill look out after that...Ryo is trying to attract someone..


Friday, April 25, 2008

my today**

finally got a good + nice sleep yesterday night..can sleep for so long..yeah~

have been waking up so early everyday..sad sad..

after i woke up kai came over and we went to catch insects~!!! 3 more insects today..not bad...but a bit worried for my project lahhhhhh....

dont have enough evidence and didnt find out the orders shit...and i have been doing nothing about that!!!

afterthat went dinner in Jasmine Rice..Yummy thai restaurant...innocently,i ordered cruise for my drink...i don't know thats a vodka seriously..but it tastes good~

One of the dishes..BBQ chicken..the blue-ish thing around the plate is fire =)

went to cold rock for dessert then...too full and not in the mood to eat ice cream..but still ordered..haha..after eating feel like skittles is not a good choice then..haha..prefer coffee gelato + timtam which sam ordered..

the make-me-sick mango + Skittles..blame it on the ice cream..poor ice cream

actually is i ate too much stuff at 1 time..tomyam,curry,spicy,alchohol,icecream..

OMG...stop being like that jo..getting fatter!!!

came back to CE and cut ivan's hair..haha...

seriously CUT...and cut his ear also..oPppsss..paiseh lar..skills not that good lar..but the hairstyle should be still ok lar. =P will upload the pics nextime..

going for paintball tommorow...i scared pain..but i still wana go..cause i wanted to go so badly..its a new and exciting experience!!i want to be tough..don't want to get looked down by guys...hmph!max n sergiel..don't shoot me!haha..coward..

gotta sleep early..waking up at 5+am tommorow...
good nite *

Thursday, April 24, 2008

pi poo~ my this few days..

finished my BMS103 presentation on Wednesday... Title : Scarsdale, Atkins and Zone,Which one if any??
This is the kindergarten look presentation poster i have made..haha..
simple n straightforward..who cares right...

Went to mall after my presentation with shop shop...but didnt get much though..then beach...but the sky is so dark and it seems like it is going to rain soon so we rushed home..

In anatomy lab mood to study..keep talking with Mel..she is telling me her stories...and Felicity,Shar...all of them are so nice..our table is so packed that day..there is 7 people!!usually 5...haha..cause our table is too interesting!so everybody just wants to join us =P

Mel say i should rest myself..i stressed too much for anatomy can i got what i its time to hee to know that the highest marks in the whole course is 93...hmm..i still 5 marks behind..should get better nextime...but the lowest marks is 2...and the average is 50+...anatomy is tough!!!i must work hard towards final..gain my DS~~


Went to Sydney today with kor and sammy...went to get my working visa label..Aus gov department is so efficient and nice, unlike u-know-where with the takape attitude and busuk face..then went to shop..again...i has been raining on and off...makes my mood worse when i cant see something to buy..hahaha..very bad attitude..but finally got something...and my mood is from downhill to the peak..wahaha...i m a shopaholic!!!!!i should get more stuff nextime...used up part of my salary...have to save again for DS~

Came back to the gong around 8...came home and feel like going somewhere else me,steph,sammy,alex,ivan went to Novotel Hotel to drink something...

Envy mocktail..

That's how i get my dimples..


Checked My Chemistry Results..

I Got 90%

*high distinction*

very happie!!!!got a '9' !!!!

hahaha...should spread the news back to mum..

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

happie =)

i got 88% for my anatomy midsession =)

*High Distinction*
wahahaha..happy till gila...
worth me carrying the heavy book all the time..
just got 6 questions wrong <3
keep it up jo

Sunday, April 20, 2008

after exam~

finally finished my mid session tests...they are not as bad as i have expected...i hope i can get good marks..but still have 2 major assignments..a group presentation and essay on wed and my insect project next week..i still need insects r~!!!have to catch soon soon soon~!!

sammy came to aussie~arrived on thursday, and we went to Nan Tien Temple on Fri...

Nan Tien Temple is the biggest shrine in the South Hemisphere..I dunno y its in Wollongong.haha..but the environment there is very peaceful and nice~~but it has been raining raining n raining all the week long.. Outside the main shrine of Nan Tien Shi..

"U jump,I jump!" "Ok,but u jump 1st la!" "Har,wan meh,so high.." "Go lahh!!"

Jo & sammy by the wollongong city beach and light house

Went to Sydney on Saturday with CE friends and Sammy..all of them are so fun..We ate dinner at Mayuko's bf's working place...and he treats us tempura and nice of him..haha...its a japanese restaurant...

Had a great time in Sydney..some of them went for hair cut,some for shopping,and v went to Sydney Wildlife World..haha..Saw lots of insects etc etc..wildlife..its quite ok though...get to know a lot of things..then went to walk around sydney..and then the most important is dinner!!

We went to Neutral Bay to ave dinner..have to take the bus from Wynyard..Its a Japanese BBQ Restaurant...I didn't notice whats the name because all of us were too hungry and excited..Its 40 per head and eat all u v ordered so so so many stuff to BBQ...Ox tongue..beef...try lots of new food...and i tried BEEF SHASHIMII~~Its so yummy..i thought it would be disgusting to eat raw beef but it wasnt!the beef was so fresh and its texture is like fish~and tried another dish called YUKKE..its korean marinated raw beef with raw egg yolk...SO DAMM YUMMYY....v ate 5 plates all together..hahaha..v r just too jap n korean food...i love Asian FOOD <3

With Mana on the bus to Sydney..My one-chan~~

Outside the chinese garden near Darling Harbour..

My friend asks us y cum sydney and take temple's pics??haha..i dunno

Sunday, April 13, 2008

the busy recent

havent updated my blog for a long long time...
because i have 1 report due,2 midsession tests on next week...
then i will have group essay due and presentation on the following week..
after that i will have my insect project due~!! busy...

last week i went for private study....on wednesday i have class from 8.30-9.30..but i did not came home as usual...i went to the lib to revise my anatomy...then had lunch with shin..and went to anatomy lab at 1.30 for private study...the lab was so full..everybody wants to grab the last chance to study...and THERE IS NO CHAIRS IN THE LAB AS USUAL...the main reason is,this week they will have all the cadavers (real human dead body)on the tables,so we cant sit on the tables...2nd reason is,they dont want us to stay in the lab for too long,so that it wont be so packed...haha...but i did something i never expect i do..i was standing in the lab study and facing the dead bodies for SIX HOURS!my legs are almost broken..haha..but don't feel like going home after that....went home at 7.30..phew..what a great experience..

the other days i went for private study too..but just for a short period..because i know my brain cun take it anymore...and know what..MY CHEM SUCKS NOW!!!because i focused too much on anatomy...i have to study hard for chem..chem..chem...JO,U MUST DO WELL IN UR EXAM!!AT LEAST DISTINCTION!!!

slept at 3am yesterday night...have been rushing my biology seed report...
its only 5%..but i duno y i am so into it..keep doing says v actually only need 2 scientific papers for referencing,but i used 4 scientific papers...1 newsletter and 2 books~ =) pia for what...taktau..the day b4 i was stucked in excel to draw the graph..coz i dunno how to use excel 2007..haha...after 45 minutes..i finally finished my dear bar chart..fuyoh....feel so proud of it..haha..
finally get my 1000 words report done after 3 hours...but still left the abstract part...will finish it today!!must!!!
My messy table while doing my report...full of journal articles..dizzy dizzy @.@

YEAH!!!!I am going to watch THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA in sydney lyric theatre on 2nd July..Can't wait!!!!3 of us are going..and v r so excited about it..its the 1st time in my life to watch an opera~!!!steph said there will be dress code..then v have to dress up to can;t wait..steph and i wanted to watch so much when v went to melbourne last year..and its coming to sydney~!!!yeah yeah yeah...I AM COMING =)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

keeping in touch~

didnt do much frustrated with my bms103 tuts..they are crap!seriously..
asking the stupid questions all the time!!!and the answers u have to find from nowhere...

msn with a few friends that havent chat for a long time happy~
the feeling of keeping in touch with people is so great...i am not isolated...
talk with meen..she told me her birthday great...i think she had got her best birthday present ever..i think she must be so so so so so gila that time...
maybe she cant sleep for a few days...haha...she is still so excited when she tell me...

afterdat msn with wen pin...
my dear old friend..havent talk to him much since back here...
we chatted about XX stuff as usual?? (apa!haha..secret..the wp n jo style of talking)
then chat about his car..he is so excited about it..and the show girl..haha..
and then about holidays...planning for our holidays..
hope can join him for winter holidays..i wana go gold coast too!!! <3
i will go to adelaide someday..when he got his house =)

and then xinyi..
just chat about blogs..
about her feeding mosquito experience...
she is always the friend ready to be there...when u need any help...
haha..she never says me only??haha..coz i m too garang?? blek~
miss u so much..i miss taman suria~!!!cant be ur neighbour anymore...

i dunno when i am going back to msia again...
discussed with my bro today..and discover that maybe i will only go back in jan'09!! sad...i miss home..miss everything there..n my memories...
i miss everyone of u~~muacks muacks..
must take care back in homecountry!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Dunno what to write...too much stuff to think and to do..

too little time...went to anatomy lecture that in the prac exam..

v have 100 questions..n just 30 secs for every question...and its NOT multiple choice..

OMG..wonder i can write it so fast or not...faint!

its raining often today..keep raining..and i forgot my i got wet in the rain..too bad =(
i wish there will be somebody by my side..hold the umbrella for me..haha..or maybe donate their umby to me..

the bus was packed today...i have to stand all the way back home..swinging here and there..
y there is no gentleman getting up let me sit?haha..i know..coz i m not pretty enuf!hahas..thinking of stupid stuff all the time...

baked a banana cake just now =) yummy~

My precious banana cake..still hot in the tray..
Spaghetti + steak..cook in last few days..or maybe last week..i forgot when...

Jo gotta study hard for to get at least D..then will have somebody sponsor a DS for me..heheh =)

Saturday, April 5, 2008


There is big thunderstorm big till i couldnt take it...
i feel that myself was being blown off,my heart are almost torn apart..
i was scared,i was nervous,i was imagining things...
Thunder n storm together,came too quickly,
when i m not prepared,when i think it was sunny....
i was shock to realise what was sudden..i could not bare it anymore..
i tell myself i am not going to see the sky again..i dunwan anymore thunderstorm in my life...

after all...i realise the thunderstorm was not that bad though..there is just lighting..the thunder was is coming out now..i believe..the rainbow will be out...

don't ask me what am i writing..

Thursday, April 3, 2008

heard "ding-dong" before i opened my eyes this was my sms alert..grab my hp and look at was sms from bby..wait a minute..the clock displayed 7.44...

WHAT??7.44am??my alarm should ring at 7am!!!shit!i jumped of the bed,shaking my hp wonder it was broken,no it was not...its 7.44 already!!and then i realized i did not set my alarm for thursday!!

dashed to the toilet to wash n brush,quickly put my milk in the microwave and changed..i need to go to the bus stop in 15 minutes time..OMG!its was the 1st time i woke up late since i came here...grabbed everything in a hurry,drank my milk n rushed to the bus stop..luckily the bus is still there..phew..

walked up the bus..saw Kai with her sleepy face..i told her i woke up at 7.45,she answered me..ME TOO!!! is an overslept day...

still feel shocked in the bus...trying to comfort my own feelings(sounds stupid)..

Thank God bby sms me by that time he finished watching football..or i just could not imagine what will happen if i miss my tut n prac,i am gonna fail the subject...while sitting in the bus...i suddenly remembered something,i left my nests in the room!!!i need to bring it to the prac later..OMG...luckily remembered my bro..hehehe..sms him and asked him to bring it to me when he comes to uni..

the weather is so cold today..strong wind..around 18 degrees and Kai just wore T shirt..i can imagine her shivering all the time...and suddenly she told me..i have my labcoat...hahaha...just imagine her wearing the lab coat n walks aorund the uni =) but finally she didn't =P

went to library after class to do some research and came home...started watching "dou niu yao bu yao"..once i watch i am addicted to it..its so addictive!!!keep watching n watching untill went to cook for dinner..n continue watching after dinner =P

My dear dinner tonight..

eggs with meat,japanese curry,lettuce and my raddish soup (cook it for so long)

yummy dinner!!!!(i know it doesnt look inviting but this is very good ad lah!)

wanted to study after dinner but just don't feel like doing it...did some chem tuts and discover i m really bad at just studied a little..and get headache now..i have to sleep..and i will remember to set my alarm~i hope i will have a sweet dream tonight..i dreamt of going to taekwondo with kai yesterday..haha..

goodnitez jo~

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


feeling so stress for the 1st time..hardly can breathe...had a sleepless night yesterday...

woke up at 7 this morning..feeling so sleepy,but still have to get up from my bed..went to uni n came back at 9.50..i woke up so early because of 1 tutorial!its so shit...plan to sleep after i came back..but just feel too stress and i started studying anatomy...time flies.....and its already 12 when i realised i m hungry..cooked instant noodles..keep eating instant noodles unhealthy..

stopped for youtube a while and then continued studying..i studied for 4 hours!unbelievable..there is no test or what,n i just studied..its so not jo!

have a half n hour nap n took shower..took the shower too long until i was almost late for bus..i got to catch the bus just in time after running there...luckily i ran!

after i reach uni i just loiter around..dun feel like going for private study so fast,went to Sejuiced in unicentre to get a juice..feel so good~and went for private study and then anatomy prac...

Got a jumbo Hypertension Healer + Antioxidant boost..

so yummy~spinach,celery,apple,carrot

finished at 7.30...n went home n saw domino's on the night again...

have a rest all night...i have studied the whole day long..feel more relieved with baby on msn.. =)

i want to get good results!jia you~

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Woke up at 10am this morning,feel so tired and lazy to wake lecture is at 12.30pm but i have to take the 11.10am bus!!no choice..reluctantly crawl up from the bed... Saw the ducks and ducklings that stay in CE..they grow so fast..

Reach uni around 11.20,went to unicentre to have lunch..saw Kai there,felt so happy cuz there was somebody to accompany me for lunch...We chatted about studies and studies..before i left i asked her is she going to continue sitting there,she said "Ya,I m going to sit here....and think about my life" and i went "think about ur life?" haha..she is just so "kai" with unexpected answers all the time...left for post office,posted Fukuko's birthday card...and then went to the comp lab and did my BMS103 tuts and then went for the lecture..lecture had been boring as usual...

after that went to BIOL104 lecture,i tried to hurry to the lecture,but on the way i remembered something kai said before "u r an uni student,not high schooler anymore,u can do whatever u want" ok..yeah..what for i m rushing?i wont get detention..and its lecture,attendance doesn't I slowed down my speed and take my own sweet time there...just a few minutes late though,did not miss much of it...

Finally the lecture is over,but still sitting in the same hall for the next 2 hours CHEM101 lecture...bought a hot choc at picasso instead of iced one..the hall is too cold...learnt about Lewis structure and hybridisation..OH..i remembered i learned that before when i went to Form6 chem tuition in Sofia (just went there twice)..i MISS JU!!!!she taught me these stuff..and i forgot about it now!!!!feeling abit worried now...

went home at 5.40...5 hours continuos lecture,what a torturing experience!

did not cook dinner,feel exhausted and lazy..ordered take away from the place i worked...

after shower n everything i started my Chem prelab...Its time limit is 30 minutes and i took 23 minutes to complete it!!!unbelievable!!i thought prelab was easy..ok..its just the 1st time..haha..and then i received a good news and bad news..

Good news : i checked SOLS for my assestment results and i got 15/15 for my anatomy online spot test!!I m so happy...its a kind of motivation and encouragement to me...and found out that i got 9/10 for my bms103 assignments..not that bad..although both just weigh 5%,but it really matters when it comes to the final score... =)

Bad news : i received a mail from my presentation & essay group member..she told me she is quitting uni!!!!!i just met her yesterday to discuss about the assignment and there is no signs of her quitting the uni...but today..phew...things change so now there will be 1 person short in our group..and our things are already in progression!!!we have to reallocate the workload for our assignment...but all of us are so so so busy already!! =(

tried to study biology statistics before blogging but just feel tired so i decided to stop...i have 8.30 class again tommorow...good luck to me...頑張って jo!!