Friday, July 31, 2009

me and home

Finally I am a little bit free to update about my taiping days.Actually I haven't been busy. Its just that I have no intention to face my lappy when I dont have a proper desk. And when you have a whole house to walk around, nice sofa to lie down for tv, proper dining table to eat, you dont live those life where you eat sleep work study in front of your lappy anymore.

This, is HOME.

Well a few weeks back I actually followed the bf around, well not really that much cause he spent lotsa time with his friends too. Nothing's really happening here, friends hardly here, no activities or gossips to share. However I have got myself to start reading my Harry Potter series again. Its still addictive. I just spend most of my time reading books after books and I am currently halfway through the 3rd one. Reading non-stop seems fine to mum as she doesn't complaint at all as I lay lazily on the sofa and read. She used to nag a lot when I spent whole day warching drama or shows. *wink* Books can be more interesting than drama sometimes.

Baby's fav activity was playing snooker when he was here. As I tagged along and wanted to challenge him, I gave up halfway when I tried hitting the same ball 5 or 6 times but still couldn't manage to hit it in (and I finally pushed it in with my hand), I started camwhoring. Yea that's what I should have done earlier.

Spotted myself an ideal lighting to camwhore =)

With the long-time-no-see Highschool pose.

Yea, guess that's a little bit of what I have been doing back home. Preps to germany havent been smooth so far, still need to get my air ticket and my visa done. Well the bloody stupid visa. They require soooo many things as though I am going to apply for PR over there. Blardy hell. And daddy has to go to KL all the way with me just to prove that he is sponsoring me. Their photo requirements are bloody stupid as they even limit you the area your eyes and nose should be in the picture. Hopefully everything's gonna get done real soon. Then I can start to pack for Deustchland. Perhaps getting a new luggage before that. And yea thanks for all my dearies for the pressies to bring to germany.

Just recovered from a crash dump. I have been having endless crash dump nowadays, I should reformat my lappy instantly.

Till then,

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Baby's gone.

i am sad.

give me my baby back.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I am blardy tired at the moment.
And I like making stupid faces.

Just came back from a shopping spree from penang.
should be baby's shopping spree.
I bought nothing but a German pocket dictionary.

3 days till the bf departs back to down under.
I am gonna miss u!!! (
x infinity)

lights off.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Little Things @ home

Yeah, came back from KL yesterday and went out for a yumcha session with the bf's bffs. Bloody tired after the trip from KL and you shall find out why soon. But I still don't have the urge to sleep no matter how tired I am. I like spending lotsa time on my bed with my dear lappy before I finally turn in. And I really feel satisfied when I wake up late every morning! Yes, to prove that I had enough sleep although I still feel sleepy after that.

Woke up this morning and mum said I need to get my Hepatitis B booster. My blood test report was out and apparently it is not very "good-looking" (as what mum said). Despite Hepatitis B antibody being insufficient, my cholestrol level is OVER the limit, and the liver test has shown that my liver is not in a very good condition, some I-dunno-what is over the limit too. Well well well as young as I could be, I am having all these problems like a middle-age woman (perhaps they are even healthier than me) and mum says I have to stop eating fried and oily food, high cholestrol food and ALCOHOL. I might seem to be an alchoholic but I SERIOUSLY don't drink that much! I drank like 1 glass max every session and I don't have that much drinking session!

I went to the doctor after brunch and injection was painful. OK it wasn't as painful as I have described but its just the fear of sitting on that patient chair waiting for that sharp little thing containing some bitter-looking vaccine to poke through your tissue. That's enough of some psychological torture. Injecting the vaccine in is the moment I hate the most. You can feel your arm going all soft as though someone ripped off your tissue and cut deeply into your bone with a knife (I know I am exaggerating). OK la maybe 10 times weaker feeling of what I have described.

Doc said I ate too much causing the high cholestrol. Well I can't deny this point as I have been eating REALLY a lot. When I went to KL 2 days ago, me and baby went to the mamak stall and ate 3 Roti's 2 maggie goreng 1 nasi lemak 3 teh o ais limau. And we finished them. ALL. No wonder my adipose tissues are accumulating everywhere. face, thigh, waist. sigh. Then doc said I might have a little bit of liver inflammation and I shall STOP ALCOHOL and chinese medicine.

Yeah, seems like I have to stop putting everything edible into my mouth and take care of my young yet old body.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gold Coast Trip Day 3

Well, now I am updating about the gold coast trip instead of copy paste..
haha...Its just there are a lot of stuffs that you guys have to see!
Gold coast is awesome..
So welcome to the 3rd day in Gold Coast!

Woke up early on the 3rd day as all of us were heading to

To save time and $$$$
We bought instant cup noodles the night before.

S babe's "da bian mian"

My prawn noodles taste way better.

Movie World entrance!

Looney toons characters.
the Tweety looked awkward.

The Harry Potter store.

Me and the baby firebolt

Outside Shrek store with a Shrek pose

Gingerbread MEN

Batman's car and we basically blocked it.

Actually Batman reluctantly let me hold his hand.
He shook while I clinged on to him!

The scooby doo spooky ride!
Everyone screamed so much.
I was having sore throat and bad cough that time,
and I had to scream..
result: I coughed through the ride.
Screaming made my throat itchy!

I experienced coffin.

Waiting for the Batman show to start.


Now you know, never fall in love with my guy...

Ride or no ride?

Yuko and Kanako wanted to ride, but too bad we ran out of time.
The rest of us preferred to WATCH.

Then I insisted on the looney toons merry-go-round..

S babe with her Aladdin bunny

Brilliant Sarah turning the park map into a hat under the hot sun
while waiting for the Hollywood Stunt Driver.
After watching Hollywood Stunt Driver,
a car show stimulating hollywood film taking scene where the audience became the actors,
which is the most awesome part of the Movie world,
We headed back to our hotel.

Bye bye Movie World.
Its kinda small though,
cannot be compared to Tokyo Disneyland or Universal Studio Japan.

Had our dinner and off we went to Q deck observation deck.

Breath-taking night view of gold coast from Q deck,
overlooking surfer's paradise.

A little bit of camwhore during the ladies session.

4 converse's vs 2 adidas' vs 1 nike

Q deck, as far as the eye can see.

Its just across the road from our hotel

What girls do when they feel free?
They camwhore or they EAT.
Right, since the camwhore session is over,
we hunt for some supper instead.
Walked past the dessert shop everyday selling tau hua,
all of us sprinted there straight after Q deck.
Its only a few minutes walk though.
Watermark hotel is at the best possible location of Gold Coast I think,
It is just near to EVERYWHERE, ANYTHING.

S and her red bean + peanut tau hua.. still, the one in taiping hawker centre is the best!

After the exhausting day,
the babes decided to pamper themselves again!!
Since its out last night, we have to rock the spa!

Shivering cool air above with warm jacuzzi,
helps you relax after a tiring day yet keeps your mind clear.

We went to the sauna after that,
and thats when accident happenned.
The bloody hell bench outside the sauna collapse when I took my towel,
and it hit right on my feet.
I had no idea what did i react that time,
everyone was like OH the bench..
until someone realised my feet was under it..

It looked a lot worse in reality,
but well it didnt really hurt that much as it seemed to be.

And the bad luck continued after me and S babe went back to the room.
I sat on my lotion and it spilled over my quilt,
then I choked when I took medicine and the water "burst" out of my mouth like a bloody volcano.

Yea with all the bad lucks, I prayed for everyone's exam...
and yeah our wishes are granted!

Next up:
Surfer's Paradise

Gold Coast Trip Day 2

Copy paste from

"Am really sick at that time, all my pics look like shit..haha"

Awesome GOLD COAST - Day 2

If you read the previous post, you probably know we planned to have breakfast at the pancake shop with a massive pancake outside the shop, so there we go!! Woke up a bit late that day and after got ourselves all ready, J babe and I went to the hotel lobby before anyone was there, and that was the one and only day both of us are the earliest.......=.="

Planned to go to Harbour Town for shopping spree *me love love* but before that, need to eat something to gain more energy ------ to SHOP till it drops!!!

Poor sick babe with the effin cute PIG mask

Then we were like,

"eh, are you trying to tell the whole world you are having swine flu?"

NAH, she is flu-free. =P

Pancakes with strawberries, bananas, passionfruit syrup topped with cream and ice-cream!


Waffles with strawberries topped with cream

The strawberries are HUGE and SWEET!

Yum Yum!!

Waffles with thick chocolate topped with ice-cream

Ready to eat!


After pancakes, poor J babe went to see doctor but still, she is SHOOO energetic still and off we go to HARBOUR TOWN --- the heaven of shopping! lol too exaggerated.

Me likey this pic.

While waiting for the bus

And as all of you know, shopping is sooo important to a girl so we catched every minutes to shop and the best thing was ---- MID SEASON SALESSSSS!!! Most of the shops are on sales and it was 50%-70% sales STOREWIDE. Jo and I went all crazeee, we even just grabbed slice of sandwiches only for lunch and continue our spree!! That means, no picha!! HEHEHEHE

Kanako and I

Only willing to go back when the shops are closed =.="

Satisfied faces after shopping!

Had our dinner at the hotel's restaurant which provides buffet for dinner at only $49 per person and we can eat all we want! They provide many kind of cuisine, seafoods, desserts and chocolate fondue!!

My 1st plate

Call me hungry ghost


Desserts time!!

Yuko trying to steal while Sarah is posing?? lol

Two eskimos beside me

Went to "Infinity" at night

It's a hell fun place!

"INFINITY is a mind-blowing journey into spectacular, futuristic maze like worlds of wonder - an extraordinary series of around 20 multi-sensual environments filled with unique special effects, atmospheric sound fields, ultra groovy music and illusions that appear to go all the way to infinity!
The first of its kind in the world, INFINITY is an exciting, hilarious, interactive experience with unforgettable impact.
It's fun for all ages, great family entertainment and a unique group or team building activity.
The incredible INFINITY journey takes around 40 minutes and is suitable for all ages over 8 and all nationalities."

For more information,

please click on:

Us at the entrance

We seriously screamed our hearts out in this maze

It was all dark inside, we can only see our gloves which can glow in the dark

Some parts were kinda scary, some part were amazing with all the glasses and lights effects

Too bad all cameras are prohibited!! =(

Note the little LV sign at the back?

And their poses actually meant to be LV

Sarah posed a wrong direction lol

Mind us bloody tourists

This is the mini LV hahaha

J babe and I posed with Elvis - Hard Rock Cafe, on our way back to hotel.

Next up:

Movie World

Q-deck - the observation point