Monday, May 31, 2010

Mode active

I am busy, I am grumpy, I am tired, I am dizzy, I am chubby, but all of all, I am happy.
And thanks for making my life happy.

Mode active in facebook. last five days to finish my thesis and 1 report 1 assignment.

Bless me.

2 weeks till finals, 3 weeks till winter break, then my honeymoon holidays :) 
(not yet book also =.= S!! lets get our holidays plan going)

till then, Joann

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

No matter how much I wanted to yell, silence still manage to pierce through the night. That big lump is still stucked in my throat, and the heavy rock is never lifted from my chest. And I realized, it's too late to realize that the deadlines are forcing themselves towards me. I have written almost 30 pages and that still couldn't conclude everything I have done in the past 11 weeks. Crap. I will just need to write more.

I miss the beach. I miss the sea.I miss the me, stress-free.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Food and me.

I always have this love-hate relationship with food.
I love food, I cannot resist food, and food is my source of happiness.
But after eating I feel super guilty, for all that pounds that are already weighing inside my body, and the exercise that regime never happened :( I stood up on S for the 3rd time today, it's the bus fault that I couldn't get to body balance in time!

Anyways, I went to Outback yesterday for steak! yes STEAK!!
It had been a while since I last ate steak, and Outback definitely serves the best steak here!

Iphone. Best companion while waiting for food.
The drink is something that tastes like Taiping Special @ New Club. I miss.

Call it red stripes day.

Best starters in the world! Caesar Salad, Punpkin Soup and the yummy brown bread.

My prime roasted rib + roasted garlic mash + mushroom soup.
Medium raw. both me and the steak.

Just nice.

Outback steak house Fairy Meadow.
And the me trying to dress marine.

Last week was IFF and the Malaysians @ CE who basically consist of the Seng family and Shin, made curry puffs!!!I assure you they are super yummy! despite the oil.

In the progress of frying curry puffs.
shin, lia, me and sara behind.

You get what I mean of the oil?

I am super hot!
from the frying.

Fav pic of the day.

Started to go around disturbing other people when we are done with our work.

Malaysia Boleh.

Grabbed all those food from different countries, Thai Tom Yum is super duper yum!

She appeared in almost all my posts. she is already the parasite of my blog, no need to intro.

Oh I love this pic too! Make it the most fav pic of the day as well.

Sara & I. The excellent product of Sri Lanka + Japan. :P

They gave us apron instead of t-shirts this year. and it is super long. too long for sexiness.

My superb photography skills! :)

Enough of food for today.
Oh btw I had Malaysian curry just now, yum yum :) My superb bro cooked it.


p/s: Let yourself go, and let everyone around you go. Your life doesn't need to be miserable, and don't mess up with other's too.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Amazing things that happen in Wollongong

There was a Asian Night two weeks ago :) It gathered almost all of the Asian community in Wollongong and so the hot unit mates and I have decided to check out for hot guys there (although we know we would be thoroughly disappointed but we still hoped it wouldn't be that bad). 

And it was BAD. (The hot guys part)

But anyways we enjoyed ourselves a lot that night, dance dance and dance. Clubbing is not about drinking to us, it's about shaking our ass off at the dance floor. And the music rocks (besides they say they don't have Lady Gaga wtf).

Here comes my Asian favourites,
Yuki, Nahoko, Kai, moi, Tracy & Allen.
and the back row Haru, Take, Nick.

S babe & I. For the sake of her future, I lend her my new dress to hunt!
Babe u know how much I love you now?!

Hot Hot Hot!

All the time party mates.

Seaweed Yuki & I

Cammy, moi, Allen & Terrence

Aya, really sexy that night with her bikini inside.

Oh so lovely unit mates :)

So besides partying I have been studying like a bitch with all my presentations, reports, essays and research.
And after I studied like a bitch I eat and party like a bitch.
And now my weight is going up like a bitch.

So like one week ago, when me and the two brothers were thinking where to eat, we have decided to eat at this restaurant called Crystal Thai in Wollongong.

Very nice ambience in Crystal Thai

Picked all the dishes from Chef's recommendation.
Left, BBQ lamb, something like sweet and sour chicken, and fried fish.

And they have these romantic candle lights :)

I love this pic, and I am missing the food.
Just look at all those amazing food decorations that boost your appetite!
We nommed down everything, yummy :)
Wish I can go there again soon, the ambience is perfectly romantic. 
hah, i'll have to wait till that romantic guy appear :)

Well, besides these, routine has been pretty usual.

Nowhere better than library that you could find me nowadays. I am like there most of the time.
And I listen to those super high songs and it made me wana dance in the library.
This was 9.30pm in the library @@

till then,

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Just finished body balance with S babe and Mai just now. And I fell asleep during the relaxation. Guess life has been making me easily tired as I am not usually a nap person and it's freaking 11.30am in the morning, I just woke up and I had a nap?!

I am stressed out about my research project, about how much I have to write in these 5 weeks and analyzing everything. I hope everything's gonna be alright. I do not want to aim for a pass, I want something high enough to get me into the dean's list. So I have to start to take everything seriously now. like SERIOUSLY.

But anyway I am not a person that would easily satisfied with life of purely studying and assignment-ing. And thanks to all my loves, I always get to enjoy a little bit of joyous moments with you guys.

shopping with the ladies

drinking party with all the crazy & fun people :) loves.

meeting up with old friends here, the best consolation to our souls

xoxo, awesomeness.

Shopped like there is no tommorow.

Do whatever you like, no pressure.

There is always that someone that you don't feel embarassed when you guys are together in the fitting room.
And camwhore like nobody's business.

Fully utilising the free gong shuttle, goes to almost everywhere in Wollongong!

And I am gonna study like a nerdy bitch now. Nerdy, but still bitchy.