Monday, December 8, 2008

Japan Trip!!

but I am freaking lazy to update these few days,
Its a really long long trip and I have to rest for so so so many days to recharge myself!
So many stuffs to do after I came home, laundry, unpack my luggage and gotta start packing my stuff to go home!yes, I am going home, in 11 days time!
And I am gonna see my beloved mummy and daddy this week!yuhooo!!can't wait!
Wana go shopping with miii~
Some people have been messaging me, asking me to update my bloggie...
sammy, shirlyn, sarah etc etc...

Day 1 & 2 --- OSAKA

Its a freaking long journey flying from Australia to Osaka,
We gotta stop at Gold coast for an hour, and the whole journey took around 12 hours to reach! Gosh I was so bored on the plane. We took Jetstar, which is a budget airline, had no entertainment!! Gotta pay extra for it, I didn't get 1, so what I did was sleep, sleep, sleep...and played DS. There weren't any other moment where I could have loved my DS that much! Fell in love with a drum game, forgot the name, but i think i would post the photos soon which I played that game in the Games Arcade. So well, back to Kansai International Airport, the immigration part is freaking crazy, nowadays when you enter Japan, they need to snap a pic of you and your fingerprints. Sometimes they select people for interview, randomly.

Haru came to pick us up at the airport!!It has been 4 months since we've seen him.
Its feels so great to meet up with old friends and another country!
He brought us to eat "Hamburg" which is pronounce as "hum-ba-gu"..
Its a type of dish like hamburger meat with different ways of cooking and side dishes.

We didn't do much that day, went back to Haru's home and had a nice sleep!
His family provided us superb hospitality!

The next morning we went out to Osaka city for a "winter clothing shopping"
Guess what, I forgot my whole make up bag! !@#$%^&*()
They kept saying how could a girl had forget that important stuffs!
haha,to me its not that important though, cause I don't make up that often!
But well, I still need to get some new make up stuffs because every single girl on the street put on make up! And they all dressed up so so so so well!
Envy Japanese guys ya? They see hot chicks everywhere everyday!

We went to meet Fukuko at OPA. It has been 1.5 years since I last seen her!
Its so so so glad to see her again!Reminds me of all the times when we were back in Aussie =)

We went to Dohtonburi for lunch, it's a very very colourful street. Lotsa restaurants, shops and colourful signboards everywhere.

We ate Okonomiyaki (Osaka's most famous food - a kind of pancake with lotsa different seafoods, vege, meats and sauce) and Yakisoba (fried soba) for lunch~
*yaki = fried*

We went to shop at Shinsaibashi after lunch. Its a great place to shop, they have different shops that sells almost every style of clothings. And of course I went to MatsuKiyo to buy my make up stuff! All my jap friends say its cheaper and has lotsa choices!

Bought Majolica Majorca eye shadow & eye liner (Cheaper line from Shiseido, don't think they have it in Msia yet but the quality is really good) And the packing is super nice =)
Dejavu Fiberwig Mascara - I have been using this mascara since my Jap friend gave one to me early this year. I strongly recommend it!!! It's very easy to put on as there is a lot of fiber in it and you get long and nice eye lashes. And the best part I like is it is really EASY TO REMOVE. I used to hate to put on mascara because it takes me so long to remove it even with eye make up remover. But dejavu can be easily removed even with warm water!!! 女人我最大 had recommended this mascara last year. Its a magic!I love Dejavu!

We came across a shop name "Interesting book store" so we went into it.
Well, It's a very interesting book store indeed. Besides books they sell everything, funny little things which makes you feel like buying it.

Boobies for sale, anyone??

This thingy is called interesting MAX.hahaha...
Max is excited about it!
And its a freaking funny pencil holder,
when you poke the pencil into "max's" ass,
his head will look up and the thingy will have "hmm..oh..yeah.." sound coming out..
LOL, lucky you max!

Saw this hat and like it very much.
Ryo stopped me from buying it because he said we could find one at a lower price,
and guess what?
He secretly bought it and gave me as my birthday present!
Thanks ryo!

Went to Izakaya (居酒屋) for dinner. Izakaya is a place for people to drink and eat little stuff. and the Izakaya we went to is famous for yakitori, fried chicken in a stick. We ate a lot of nice yummy food include grilled chicken heart, takowasa (raw octopus with wasabi), cow's intestine etc etc. Japanese food is not that healthy after all..hahaha...but well the Izakaya is a really noisy place. But its alright, so that we can be noisy as well! One thing I am surprised is that the waitress knelt down when they take order!Haru said its because they can't "look down" at customer, so their eye level need to be below the customer. Oh I see. You can see how Japanese treats customer. Their service is really wonderful.

The yakitori

This dessert is super duper cute n yummy,
Its a frozen strawberry with ice cream in it!

I see ghost!!On the bench, on the place which I sat on,
I suddenly saw this!!!
What a coincidence!somebody called Jo must have sat there before too!

Had a full dinner, drank a few drinks and we went back home for rest~
That's what I do for the first 2 days in Osaka!

P/S : Emura, I got ur card!thanks =)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Going back to aussie

I m going back to Aussie on thursday night and I m gonna reach on Friday morning!!!
so excited but i m so sure i m gonna miss japan very much!!
Gonna update about my Japan trip when I get back!!
Hopefully I can write a full journal about all the places I have been to!
Stay tuned for the amazing Japan trip!