Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I had a tiring night. Eliza came over and we both went through 2 Physical chem labs that we have gotta do this week and we spent like 2.5 hours, purely going through. Gosh, self studying takes so much time. I want to go to lectures now!

But well we are going to the lectures tommorow about Medicinal Chemistry but the lectures are in German!! Hahaha, I have no idea how are we going to understand, we will just try our best :P Will have a long day tommorow, from 9in the morning till 8 at night for my German course.

And yeah my tyre punctured today!I have gotta walk and take a bus to classes tommorow. :(

Anyway wish me luck ~

Good night peeps.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Some last minute craziness before the uni starts

So this was my exciting YESTERDAY. I went to Nürnberg finally after a month + here. That was not a very good thing, because Nürnberg is probably a lot more nicer than Erlangen, in terms of the old buildings and shoppings!!!!!!!!Yee chun and I even got free train tickets because I met a staff from a Restaurant, which the boss is a Malaysian (therefore he calls me to pick up free food whenever he cook something good :P) and he said he would lend me his Mobicard. Good, we were lucky! Head off to Nürnberg at 10am and started out shopping spreeee!

Well I haven't really visited the old historical places of Nürnberg, and I totally have no intention to do that, I just can't wait to do shopping!! (Like I have lotsa money to shop @@) But anyway window shopping is satisfying too! But the weather wasn't really good, it was -1 degrees :(

Went pass the city wall. And spot the red ROXY ear muffs from my dearest S babe!!

And the church

We basically walked around 2 streets but it took us for a whole day already!We went into every shop, browse around the stuffs, comparing prices. But well we were not too prepared to spend a lot of money and we didn't really see a lot of things that we really like, but still we enjoyed the window shopping.

Tried on this blouse in MNG and I quite like it but it costs 40 Euros!And I think it would cost much lesser in Spain because Chun peeled of the sticker of one of the shirt and the price below was like 25% less! How unfair is that, we were still in Europe!!Probably Malaysia is even cheaper.

Disappointed in MANGO but ZARA rocks! It was way cheaper and the quality was good. And it has only one price :P I bought two basic knitwears and they were kinda thick. Well I bought them after walking two whole streets comparing the other knitwears from all other brands, or some unknown brand and found out that ZARA has the most reasonable price. So I walked all the way back to ZARA. Hee, I am a wise consumer. They costs 14.90Euros each and that is the price for a ZARA T-shirt in Malaysia. I am in love with ZARA now. :)

Came home early as I had a Welcoming Party back in my dorm. But we are going to Nürnberg again for sure!!I was pretty tired and wasn't really keen for the party but my beloved floormates made the night really awesome. We had an ALEX-Rally which is some game where there are around 40 questions and you have to go to each floor to ask for answers. Of course, by then you will have to drink some alcohols that they prepared.

So, we have 5 floors each on the eastern and western wing, which means we have to drink 10 glasses EACH. So we ran like crazy, drank like crazy, and answered like crazy. I drank like 7 glasses in one or two hours and at the end I was really dizzy and I kept hugging my friends :P
But well we answered those questions in a very creative way ;)

Anna and I outside my door

Darja and I, well I was pretty drunk by then.

Just to show you that Anna has got her dentist to embed a little diamond on her tooth! Which lasted for 2+ years until now. If someday it wasn't there anymore, she must have swallowed it. That's cool, I haven't seen anyone had their tooth embedded, Ok well except my great grandma that has a golden tooth.

My bellas on the dancefloor @ Alex'sbar while waiting for the rally results :)

Meine mitbewohnerinen.My lovely floormates. Anna was hugging me in a way that made me feel like I was pregnant. hahaha. Ich bin nicht schwanger!

Ulli and I. Ein sehr nett Mädchen. A very nice girl :)

Tadaa the result was out and we won!!!!!!!!!!!
Good job team mates!

Just know the words, KOSTENLOS TRINKEN!
Yeppie, seems like I have another drunk date with my bellas.

This was my very very good day & good night ;)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I love today :)

Shout outs:

I had a great day, and a great night!!


I know I am a lil bit drunk now and Imma going to bed.

Will blog about it soon.

I love you guys.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A busy start?

I think I was suppose to start my uni this week but apparently both the Unis in Aussie and Germany haven't done their work very well and the three of us have been running to many places, meeting heaps of professors to deal with our stuff. I was really excited when I see that they have a Department of Medicinal Chemistry!Yes I am finally at the right place, a place where has a whole full building full of medchem and pharmaceutical stuffs, and yes we are important here :P

I found out that my Deutschkurs which are going to be from 6-8pm every Tuesday and Thursday is at a very far far away place from my hostel. It is like 25 minutes ride by bike. You can imagine how far is that. And it is at night so it's gonna be BLOOOODY CHILLY, or I shall say I am so gonna freeze to death if I cycle. I have been cycling early morning arouns 10 and my legs go numb afterwards because of the cold.

UH, I cannot imagine.

The temperature has been 0 degrees recently. It is always cloudy, or rainy :( Today was the only sunny day and I have spent so much time meeting the people figuring our schedule and I end up still not knowing the schedule. Ok well I know I am going to do something with Dopamine and Neurotransmitter ligands binding. Yeah, the researchers have been working for it for the past 15 years and we were like 2nd year kiddos trying to make a great work out of it? Well I think there is a lot that I have to learn and I cant learn from the exchange here.

I cycled pass a place with lots and lotsa "lalang" today and remembered the photoshoot when I was in Malaysia, we were like looking for lalang everywhere. Seriously the scenery here is way too beautiful and how I wish we can do photoshoot here. Nope, I don't need a DSLR, I just need a photographer :P

Photography credits to Nickson

Ok enough of craps. It has been long since I blogged about my mood. Ignore it, I know its boring.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Vienna's Awesomeness! Day 3 & 4

Relaxed for a bit and went out really late the last day because the weather wasn't good. Rainy and cloudy early morning :( Well we had only a few places to go, thus we took our own sweet time.

First stop, Schloss Belvedere.

Schloss means castle in German. And this guy named Belvedere (I suppose) is a French guy and I forget why he suddenly got a huge amount of money so he built his castle. In the castle there are a lot of arts and paintings including the famous painting by Gustav Klimt - Der Kuss (The Kiss)

We went in and looked around, there were heaps of paintings. There were several paintings by Klimt and this is the most famous one. The Kiss (original Der Kuss) was painted by Gustav Klimt, during his ‘golden period’, and is probably his most famous work. It depicts a couple, in various shades of gold and symbols, sharing a kiss against a bronze background. (by Wikipedia)

Every castle has their own garden. The Garden in this one is simple yet grand.

Arts of the stones and little plants.

And fountains are a must.

This point of view makes the castle looks the best :)

Was a little bit bored and took this pic.

It was pretty windy at that moment and I was telling Heidi that Sumo will fall into the water. And straight after she snapped the pic, the wind blew strongly and both of us screamed when Sumo fell. All the people around were staring at us! Luckily there is a slope before the water and Sumo lay safely there. Both of us were quite stunned.

Camwhore in the ladies.

Left the Schloss after a round seeing endless paintings and were lucky to leave that place :P

We hopped on to the Strassebahn(the tram) and got off at random stops that we liked. That was a real experience of freedom and the excitment of the unknown.

Hopped off at a stop and walked to this fountain, probably some war memorial fountain.

And walked randomly into the Burgsgarten and saw Mozart's statue.

We went to the Donau Canal expecting awesome night scene and nice riverside restaurants, and who knows it turned out to be ....

Something very industrial, or I would say NOTHING. Maybe we got to the wrong side but Heidi told me this is the spot where the tour took her last time. Well maybe I expect too much of it.

It was really creepy as there is not much people and it was getting dark, only the two of us strolling between the buildings and bridges. Well, it's adventure then :)

Well feeling dissapointed we went to Prata, where there lies the oldest Ferris Wheels of Austria, The Wiener Riesenrad.

The Wiener Riesenrad with 15 carriages.

It is another big fun fare.We didn't do much, stroll around and got home.

The last day in Wien.
(Wien is Vienna in German)

Went to look for a post office early in the morning to post a post card back to mum and dad. Well the postcard and postage were really expensive in Vienna. I spent 2 Euros to post it, so sorry la friends, can't post to you guys :P

That day was probably the worst day of all as it was really cold and the rain hadn't stop.

Went to the Hundertwasserhaus, probably the most famous building in Vienna. I watched it in a documentary before.

The Hundertwasser House Vienna (German: Hundertwasserhaus Wien) is an apartment house in Vienna, Austria, designed by Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

The house was built between 1983 and 1986 by architects Univ.-Prof. Joseph Krawina and Peter Pelikan. It features undulating floors ("an uneven floor is a divine melody to the feet"[1]), a roof covered with earth and grass, and large trees growing from inside the rooms, with limbs extending from windows. Hundertwasser took no payment for the design of the house, declaring that it was worth it, to prevent something ugly from going up in its place.

(from Wikipedia)

I like the assymetrical feel.

Set the camera into the wrong mode, snapping bad quality photos :(

The croocked stairs. Probably because of my weight :P

This is where they imitate the inside of the Hundertwasserhaus as the real one has residences in it so we couldn't visit.

We were pretty much affected by the weather and felt really moodless so we went home early as we promised Marcus to cook him Asian dinner. Yeah, he is the chef, and since we cook for the chef we are Superchefs!

This basically ends my Vienna trip. I was there for 6 days but the first and last day we didn't do much. And we left at 6 in the morning on the last day and we nearly missed the flight. Thanks to the very not frequent S-bahn. So a piece of advice for Vienna potential travellers, check the timetable to the airport, they don't have it very frequently. And in the end we had to take the City Airport Train which costs 10 Euros per way. AND the tickets machine only accept 5 euros or 10 euros notes! and I only had a 20 euros note and I end up rushing to the cafe opposite the change the notes!!!


Anyway Vienna is a very very beautiful city, lotsa historical spots to explore and they were basically very near to each other in the centre of the city. I am really happy to meet a lot of new friends through the journey :) And as we stayed with Marcus, and we spent very little on food, some paid by Marcus, or we just eat some cheapskate food, we spent around 250 euros, including the flight tickets for the whole trip, which I think is pretty little :)

Good, where's next?

probably a place with friends that can provide free accomodation :P

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Vienna's Awesomeness! Day 2

Yes, We should continue our journey around Vienna. I like this day the most, as the weather is better, a little bit sunny and I like the place that we have visited. Plus we ate heaps of gooood fooood!!!!!!!

Probably if you mention about Vienna, people will tell you about Sacher Torte besides the Wiener Schnitzel from Day 1. Sacher torte is a "normal chocolate cake" according to Marcus, and Melange is only an ordinary "coffee with milk". But since it is a must try in Vienna, early in the morning (actually it was 12pm) and Marcus brought us to the famous Sacher Hotel to try the so called original Sacher Torte.

Me sitting at the tables outside the hotel as the hotel is FULL inside.
"yeah full of bloody tourists like us"

Tadaa, my Sacher Torte. Well let me describe the taste for you.
Yes it is a chocolate cake, between the layers there is some marmalade.
When you taste it, the outer layer of chocolate icing is a little bit sweet, but the inside layers are OK, and with the a little bit sour marmalade, everything is just nice. If you add some cream then you get a different taste :) As I am not a coffee person I leave the Melange to Heidi. I took a sip and it tasted like a very mild coffee and milky, well I kinda like it.

Went to the Staadtoper straight after, which is just opposite. It is the Vienna's Opera House :) Didn't linger much, just a photo.

While we passed by the underground subway, we saw this "opera toilet".
So if you can't afford the tickets to the Opera, then maybe you can try this toilet :P
Marcus said I am so tourist when I took this picture. Haha, that's worth remembering Marc.

Went to Schloss Schoenbrunn after that. It is the Summer Palace of the Royal family and trust me it is the BEST ATTRACTION in Vienna.

The GARDEN is the best part of it. It is very very huge with pretty flowers and it is just IMPRESSIVE. Sometimes I wonder if the queen wants to ask the princess home to eat, they might need to wait 2 hours for them to get back.

A group of tourists asked us to take a picture of 3 of them, and when we were done we asked them to take a picture of 3 of us too. One of them looked pretty troubled not until finally he realised that Sumo (the bear) was counted. :P

I am Sumo's babysitter.

Climbed all the way up to Gloriette. SO tiring.

But when I looked back and see the awesome view, the "hard" work is worth it :)

Loitered around the other part of the garden and it was nearly sunset. The trees are nicely trimmed, and the leaves dropping on the ground bringing the autumn atmosphere.

A simple fountain with a lot of trees behind, still showing the amazing work of the royal gardeners :)

The three of us, the happy trip.

We spent most of the day in this place as me and Heidi really liked it a lot. We were lucky we were on a free and easy trip so we have the chance to walk around more. So remember this place if you go to Vienna someday, must visit!!

Went home and Marcus made us the best pasta ever! He is probably at South pole now working on an ice breaker as a chef. Blessings to him, don't get eaten by penguins and don't eat then either :P

What is better than eating good food and meeting good friends during a trip?

Took a rest today, slacked at home for the whole day as I haven't been doing this for a while. But tommorow is SUNDAY! Which means I have another day of slacking. I should have gone out today and slack tommorow. Anyway, I am planning for the next trip, hopefully I can get to go to more places. Prague, Paris or London?