Friday, April 15, 2011

The New Chapter

April is about starting a new season, a new life.
When the winds get stronger and autumn leaves fall, all my sorrows and pain follow,
disappearing into the wind, burying deep into the ground.
I am sure this is a good start.
Being single, is not intimidating any more.

Because from this chapter onwards, I am going to live my life to the fullest,
and be responsible of myself.
Thanks heaps for everyone that had stood by me when I fall.

Love and relationship are meant to compliment each other, not to complicate us.
And love is not about holding tight and suffocate each other,
if you love someone enough, and you know that he'd be happier without you, you learn to let go.
Love is not ownership, love is blessings.

And yes, I would find myself back. The laughing cheerful self I used to be.


p.s: 祝我們幸福。謝謝一直有你 :)


Chrys said...

i normally don't visit your blog but when I did this morning, i didn't expect to read this!

sorry to hear what had happened but i'm sure u've made it help urself be a stronger person. gambateneh!

*pat pat on the head*

raymondwunna said...

I was just browsing and found your blogg.The way you present your heartbreak is very sensational.You wrote it like a poetry.I am impressed.I am sorry to hear your story but what didn't kill you make you stronger.Keep on writing.