Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Stressful Days

I Made A MISTAKE Yesterday AT WORK!
I took the wrong order for the wrong customer...
I thought he was the other customer...
I don't have the customer's phone number so I couldn't apologize to him =(

And the other customer whom his order is being mistaken,have to wait for the order to be ready again when he came to pick it up..
I told him "I am so sorry I made a mistake and mistook your order and gave it to somebody else.Now you gotta wait again,I am so sorry!"
and guess what he said?
"If you don't make mistake you are perfect"
This kind hearted old man..Still need to console me.
Felt extremely bad,to the customer,to the boss,and myself.
How could I have made this mistake?
I blame myself.
I think I am not concentrating enough on work.
Have been thinking about exams?
I should concentrate more at work nextime!
And I didn't study after I came home from work.

But well this morning I woke up around 7+, stomachache =(
Wondered around my room..and decided to go to the library to do some study.
Went there around 10.45am and left at 4.45pm.
6 hours of studying!hahahaha...its so not jo!
I managed to finish Stats,but sad to say,I don't really get the stuffs =(
Did a bit of physio,physio has too much stuff to study,
Managed to finish only a single lecture in 1 hour+ period.
I think I should study more.In the library.

Felt so stressed after studying.As usual.
I hope I can remember the stuff that I revised when I step into the exam hall next week.

Cheers Jo!

And yeah,

too much of chocs and chips.and stress probably.
I tend to eat non-stop when I am stress and when I study.

The Process to Zitty Skin.

Was suppose to have "seemed-to-be flawless" skin

The slacky moments, camwhored halfway studying.
Thats the natural me, dowdy looking all the time in my room,hah.
The zits under the skin must have undergone some really huge war at that moment.

Oh ya,finally they won and broke through my skin.
The really AWFUL skin condition =(
2 painful ones..
Please ignore my super retarded expression.
Revealed the dowdy and retardedness of me.
No one's gonna marry me now.

( I do change my bedsheet frequently =P )
6 days till finals.

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