Saturday, October 18, 2008

Australia International Motorshow 2008

Yeppies...Me n S babe went to the Motorshow in Sydney yesterday..
I have never been to a motorshow before,haha..
After finishing class,we took the train to Sydney~
chit chatted on the train..hee~

Its really hard to describe what we saw there,
see it yourselves~!!

First we went to Market City to shop..haha

Saw this shirt,so funky!

Departed to Motorshow in Sydney Convention Centre - Darling Harbour

Sexy back..haha...
the writing means "Hurray President Mao!"

Toyota hybrid

Honda Civic Type R

Honda City Hybrid..super cool..

Love Lexus~

The Waiting for bf pose after shopping..

Lexus Hybrid

Porsche Avalanche GT-800 Evo R

Looks like batman's car to me..haha


Nissan Hybrid

Finally the beautiful fairlady~

Hugging it...haha

N V me!!!hahahahaha

Here comes the Nissan GT-R

Shin and I finally got so restless after walking for 2 hours in the motorshow..
and we decided to leave...with ice cream~~
Actually there are more nice cars photos to post..
In fact there is too many!!But I am lazy so I just posted a few..

We went shopping at Harbourside Mall,which is a mall I like,
not because it sells lotsa stuff,its just because it closes at 9!
U won't know how important is a mall that closes at 9!!!
when all others closes at 5!!!!!
so we still can grab some time shopping after the show..

We shopped till 8pm and departed to have dinner..
At 1st we were planning to eat something nice and "high class" in Darling Harbour,
where it's "High Class" because of the price,
and S babe suddenly suggested that we shall go to the Mamak stall...
OMG its M-A-M-A-K yes!!!
Its the Mamak stall in Sydney!!!!
we went there and the queue was super long !!
waited for like 35 minutes outside the shop before finally got a place to sit..
And we ordered some nice Malaysian food...
after finishing we shopped again at Chinatown..
Its Friday night so there was some stalls and market!
yuhooo....Its a good choice to go shopping at Friday night~

Waiting waiting n waiting in the queue


teh tarik, teah ais, maggie goreng and nasi lemak!

Came home after that on the 11pm train and reached here around 1am..
Shin stayed over and we looked at our photos and we realised that we both gained too much weight!!!!
Gotta keep fit babe!!!!!!!
Its a happy day out with s babe~~
I m gonna miss her when she leaves!!!

the results of our enthisiasm in shopping

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