Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm back!

Yes, I am finally back to a normal entry after all those 'thoughts' entries.
Uni started last wed and I am feeling the pressure already!
I'm doing my honours which is my final year, after years and years and years finally this year comes.
Although I am still in a pretty 'blank' situation, I dunno what to do yet!
I guess I need some time to adapt to research again after my long break.
My life is basically 9 to 5 now, which means I have to get up really early, and go into my office and spend the rest of my day reading, doing lab work, sending emails, writing up my essay. 
Sounds really boring, I hope this year passes quick!

My dearies have all left me so I am so alone in the gong, I even ditched shopping (went to the mall the other day but dreaded to go home after10 minutes). SO guess its a year for me to concentrate better on my studies, and hopefully I can graduate with the best result.

I think I am fat and ugly these days so I even dreaded taking pichas! I don't care about what I wear, how my hair looks and don't even bother if my shoes were matching my clothes. OMG what have I turned into?! Perhaps because there is no one to camwhore with me so I.. I just couldn't do it myself anymore.. (runaway crying)

I think I should really live a normal life again, and be the vain self again.

To the vain me, I am looking forward to your return.

The nerdy Jo

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